Apptimized November Release Notes

Apptimized November Release Notes

Release Notes is our monthly update that highlights recent product improvements we’ve made so you can easily stay up to date on what’s new.

Add custom exclusion list in application packaging tool 

Workspace solution – developed with the help of application packagers, an exclusion list was added based on best practices of the packaging field (for example, all we propose to exclude temp folder from the future package). All files marked in the tool as excluded; now you can revert this action and include files into the package.

How to add custom exclusion list in application packaging tool

Under project settings, you can add your custom exclusion. Since it`s a project generated setting, you can set the exclusions per customer guidelines. 

Project custom action for application packaging tool

Custom actions performed when installing or removing a package from the user’s environment. They could be unique for each vendor media, or the guideline could provide it. The second option, repeating the same action per package, takes a long time in the work of the packager. Automation of the routine packager`s work is the main priority for the Workspace, which is why we included the ability to generate custom actions at the project level in this new release. Now, it is simple enough to create a Custom Action in the project settings, and it will be available in the application packaging tool for use when creating the ready-to-deploy package. 

How to add project custom action for application packaging tool

Changes in Application dependencies view  

All applications displaying in the Apptimized portal take place in the table form – this allows you to conveniently display the current list of applications that are in progress or have a ready-made solution – in the form of tested source or ready-to-deployed package. In practice, applications do not work as an individual unit; it works in a company environment and interacting with other applications. 

To visualise applications relationship, their prerequisites, and indicate the previous version of the application for a more convenient search in the portfolio, a new option is released – Application connection. 

Different time formats now available per User settings 

Since we have customers in different parts of the world, it is important to support different time format. Various localisations are available under User settings, so everyone who has an Apptimized account in the portal can set their preferred format and set it for all timeframes. 

Use Apptimized on-premise with proxy credentials available for SCCM integration 

In previous release notes, we spoke of on-premise options being available to run Discovery and proceed with Testing. But we haven’t stopped there; on-premise options are now available, including SCCM integration.  To run SCCM via your environment, download the installer and proceed with the installation after that, send application packages to SCCM become the most straightforward process. Once a new package becomes available in your Portfolio, use Deploy to SCCM option and send your package to the platform. 

Please note, if you use proxies for your environment, add under project settings proxy credentials and SCCM will be successfully connected. 

Full details of the release are available here: link  

For further information, please contact us here or call us on +44 (0)1184 050044   

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