Make Windows 10 mass application and packaging testing on-premise

Apptimized Windows 10 testing

Windows 10 migration is approaching the final release and to be ready Apptimized propose Proof solution – a complex tool for mass automated compatibility testing through each Windows release. Such ability will manage information about all packages which are ready for migration, so it will help to avoid computers crashing or locked user. 

Simple testing on a prepared Virtual Machine will give only some basic information: would this package work independent on the new platform or not. But on real user computers there are a lot of components which could affect how your application works: other applications, Windows configurations, security and network settings, virtual hardware, etc. That’s why our Apptimized TOGO Hypervisor option will create your own test scenario per each application and playback in your environment. 

What is Apptimized TOGO Hypervisor

Apptimized TOGO Hypervisor – connector between Apptimized portal and customers VM servers with an ability to run Apptimized Proof solution on-premise. For connecting and managing customer`s environment Apptimized use SSH client to make this connection secure. Managing VM is performed through Hypervisor`s provided mechanism to control Virtual Machine lifecycle. 

application and packaging compatibility testing on-premise

How to run application compatibility test via Apptimized TOGO Hypervisor

  • Under project settings store all configuration settings for your Virtual image. 
  • Create test scenario with your application or ready-to-deploy package. 
  • Choose options for Proof testcases playback mode
  • Add as many images as you need, or new Windows build released. 
  • Check results of your application compatibility on each platform. 
mass application and packaging testing on-premise

Once new Windows platform become available Apptimized TOGO Hypervisor send prepared test case to customers Virtual image to playback this scenario. While testing system will generate screenshots of the application actions and send final result to Apptimized platform in report result view. This gives you the ability to push changes and track the results without the needed to check VM.

Benefits of mass application and packaging testing on-premise

This approach suggests avoiding ordinary one test for all applications with simple cases. Creating per application, individual scenario will give realistic results. Simple to use statistic with passed or failed applications prepared for Windows 10 migration and request application packaging only when needed. Also, each test case produces individual document in .pdf and .html format per application, it helps to analyze on which step the system does not pass, so you can check how important is it for applications to work. 

Working in customers environment Apptimized TOGO Hypervisor gives the ability to set all important configurations, which could affect the final result of how the packages work. Add pre-requisites, install important services and add more settings to simulate your colleague’s computer to gets effortless desktop migration when needed. 

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