Outsourcing of daily business software packaging

Customer Itergo Study Case for outsourcing of software packaging

The Customer 

ITERGO is a central IT service provider of the ERGO Group. The company develops and implements globally applicable IT solutions, designs and maintains a modern infrastructure and thus ensures that ERGO constantly works with the latest information technology.

ITERGO employs approximately 1,700 people at four locations in Düsseldorf, Cologne, Hamburg and Munich and looks after the ERGO system landscape with more than 22,000 jobs. Their task is to modernize the uniform, group-wide system landscape with standardized platform solutions. ITERGO uses the latest technologies. With the IT solutions in use, ITERGO makes a valuable contribution to increasing the value of the ERGO Group and is one of the leading IT service providers in the insurance industry. ITERGO is an important partner of the ERGO Group on the path to digital transformation.

The Goals: flexible resource management

In the context of the operational package, ITERGO requires an average of around 450 software packages per year for internal use and for use by the ERGO Group. These software packages are to be used on several different operating systems and in several isolated infrastructures. The named number of software packages is planned and commissioned at ITERGO in the form of up to five releases per year. In the course of the individual releases, there may be peak loads of up to 50 orders per week.

In the long term, ITERGO was unable to meet this high number of orders with internal resources, since they still have to perform other areas of responsibility. For this reason, the company package should be handed over to Apptimized GmbH (Revacom GmbH at the beginning of the cooperation).

The Solution: software packaging outsourcing

In the first step, an extensive mobilization phase was carried out by Apptimized using a SPOC with detailed coordination on future cooperation. During this mobilization phase, the processes, the responsibilities, the packaging standards, the test requirements and much more were discussed and agreed.

Various process steps should be the responsibility of Apptimized. For this purpose, we use an on-site delivery manager at the customer’s site, who takes over the coordination of the orders in full. In this role, we oversee the following process steps and responsibilities:

  • Software ordering process (in-house)
  • Ordering and coordination of remote packaging orders
  • Single point of contact for the customer
  • Coordination of the acceptance of the finished packages
  • SLA reporting and organization of review meetings

After the initial coordination was completed, productive package delivery via our remote location in Ukraine was started. The customer-specific packaging workflow was mapped in our web interface and thus helped to optimize transparency for everyone involved.

Since the beginning of the collaboration, our remote packers have had access to the customer infrastructure. This enables us to create the software packages directly in the customer’s environment and also to carry out quality assurance directly in production-related test environments. This not only improves the throughput time for package creation, but also the quality of the finished packages.

We have been supplying customers for many years now. Various detailed optimizations to the processes and documents have been made over the years. New customer needs have been individually developed and have been incorporated into the implementation. In addition, the customer benefited from various detailed improvements to our systems and methods, which we also gained from other projects based on our many years of experience.

Of particular note is the persistent and consistent high quality and lead time of over 99% of the packages delivered, even during peak loads.

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