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Self Service Application Packaging

If you've ever installed software across multiple computers,
you'll know what a tricky job it can be. But not any more!

Application Packaging as-a-Service enables IT pros like you
to create custom-configured packaged desktop software for worry-free installations across the whole company.
The process will take just a few minutes, even if you've never
packaged an app in your life. All you need to do is sign up and...
get Apptimized!

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If you're an IT manager,

Application Packaging
should make your job easier...

...because Application Packaging takes away the pain of
company-wide rollouts. Its trick is to put desktop software
inside custom-built 'wrappers', meta-programs that
automate installation processes... whether the task in hand
is security patching, update management, OS migration,
or the virtualization of an entire workplace.

Application Packaging is designed to make
software release management a piece of cake.

Most corporate IT departments routinely call up application
packagers. But smaller businesses haven't been invited to
the party. Building packaged apps has always been a slow,
labour-intensive operation that only the largest players
can afford...

...until now, that is!

Why should I choose Apptimized?

Because it makes Application Packaging sooo easy…

Traditional Application Packaging is slow and expensive,
because it relies on outdated techniques. When we built Apptimized,
we set our sights higher than just a smarter technical solution.
We wanted something that would improve our customers'
experience of the Application Packaging process a hundred
times over... as well as making it accessible to every business.

'Application Packaging as-a-Service' is a simpler, faster and cheaper
way to obtain packaged apps. Apptimized users can configure and
build packaged desktop apps that are ready for installation or
streaming... in moments.
Find out for yourself. You'll need a stopwatch... it’s that fast!

READY... GET SET.... GO!!!
…or continue reading to learn about your ROI

The business case

Your Return On Investment

Are you familiar with traditional packaging processes?

Locating source media, scheduling time with end-users to understand
their requirements, defining installation instructions and then
co-ordinating with an 'Expert Application Packager' (who will need
yet more input from you during testing and approval)? By the time
the job is done, you'll have been tied up for weeks or months...

Apptimized changes all that. Not only is it much simpler and much,
much faster... with its no obligation, pay-as-you-go model, it's also
cheaper by a huge margin.

Or continue. It only takes 1 minute to see it in action…

How does it work?

Demo: Packaging With Apptimized

Actually, it's really easy. Here's Apptimized in five steps.

①.  Log on to the online self-service counter and upload your source media,
②.   Sit back while Apptimized analyzes the configuration of your software,
③.   Define your own packaging settings, or fine-tune our defaults,
④.   Start the automated packaging process...
⑤.   …ready to Download and deploy!

That's all there is to it. Watch the video...

Under the hood of Apptimized

...there's a little bit of technical magic

Apptimized is an online self-service counter for building packaged
apps. It enables managers and other IT pros to carry out their own
application packaging tasks.

How It Works: Apptimized users upload their Windows Installer (MSI)
files, carry out in-browser 'discoveries' to define their installation
configuration instructions, and input any custom packaging settings
via a simple and intuitive UI. The system responds by building a
ready-to-deploy packaged desktop application in 'installable' (MSI, MST) or 'streamed' (App-V) format, the completed package becoming
available for download in a few minutes. And the best thing is...
you don't need expert knowledge of packaging to use it!
Application Packaging really doesn't get much simpler than Apptimized.

Or read what other people are asking…

Here are some of our FAQs

For those that have specific questions…

How much knowledge of application packaging do I need to use Apptimized?

It's really up to you. You can customize a favourite app for 'silent installs' with just a few keystrokes. On the other hand, if your business has complex in-house packaging 'standards', you can use Apptimized to get into more complex builds.

How much money/time will Apptimized save me?

How long is a piece of string? IT managers favour packaged apps because they make deployment operations simpler and faster. It follows that, the more software management tasks you need to accomplish, the bigger the savings that Apptimized will deliver. When you factor in the Apptimized 'pay as you go' model and low per-package charges, the savings can be substantial.

What happens if a package fails?

Apptimized is an error-free automated process, but the packages it outputs may be compromised either by bad source media or incorrect user settings. Bad settings can be fixed in a 're-build' -- you just resend the job with different settings at no extra cost until it comes right! It's your responsibility to provide good source media, but our support team can walk you through any issues.

How secure is my Apptimized portfolio? I don't want to find my media and license details on download sites.

Apptimized uses industry standard security, and is partnered with Amazon S3 and Microsoft Azure – two of the largest players in the field. Any media is also automatically scanned for viruses with industry leading tools. We use SSL certificate protection, encrypted storage, and have special standardized security protocols for access and maintenance operations.

Is it legal to upload my source media? I reviewed the relevant EULA (End User License Agreement), and it doesn't allow me to redistribute.

Packaged apps built with Apptimized are made available for you to install on your own systems. Packaging makes it easier for you install, but it doesn't change the licensing picture. It's your responsibility to ensure that you comply with any license restrictions on your software.

Can Apptimized help me to save and reapply 'post-install' settings applied by users: user data, software UI configurations and so on?

Like other specialist software commonly used in the application packaging process, Apptimized does not capture post-install settings made by end-users. If this is a 'must-have' capability for your organization, you may wish to consider using a third-party profile management tool as part of your deployment strategy.


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