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See how our product provides you with a cost-effective and powerful environment for testing your applications.

Apptimized Assess helps you to perform ad-hoc application and package testing against a standardized test environment and Windows OSs

Our exclusive platform seamlessly integrates workflow with test environment automation and documentation at significantly lower costs and efforts compared to a traditional onsite model with an internal test infrastructure.

Expensive licensing costs for virtualization infrastructure

Insufficient hardware for large-scale testing

Availability, usability and cost issues with in-house test environment

Insufficient testing of Windows-based apps in the course of Windows 10 migrations and Evergreen IT

Lack of user involvement into the process as important contributors

Lack of collaboration tools supporting a decentralized and remote testing approach

Low app testing costs with everything rolled into a single fee

Practically unlimited scaling capabilities with hundreds of test VMs running in parallel

Always-on test infrastructure, designed with the user in mind, with zero setup investments and no ongoing maintenance costs

Easy pre-migration testing and adoption of Microsoft’s Windows as a Service model

Involvement of business users and app owners into testing

Collaboration platform with extensive authorization options – including whitelabeling for partners

Run your compatibility tests in a high-availability cloud environment

No matter how complex your test cases are – with Apptimized Assess you can shift test workloads to the cloud and even connect two worlds by using the Apptimized TO GO Agent.

Upload 5 minutes Since start

Upload your files to the platform and proceed to the next step.

Test 15 minutes Since start

Perform testing, record and document the test case automatically.

Review 20 minutes Since start
20 min since start

Review the test documentation and define further steps based upon the app’s compatibility or suitability.

Instantly available, easy to use, high-end test environment without the usual hassle

Increase your test rate, user acceptance and speed of delivery by providing a seamless user experience on a cloud platform with documentation automation, and save on test infastructure setup and maintenance costs.

Cloud tool

Use our top-grade secure environment with an instant VM availability and up-to-date OS versions for your packaging and testing needs.

Anytime, Anywhere

Access from any device 24/7. All you need is a browser and you can start ordering, creating, testing and managing application packages today.

Zero Risk

We are the original fixed price Pay-As-You-Go and SaaS service provider. No set up or configuration charges are included.

Get better work done

Apptimized Assess helps you to reduce costs for testing and to increase speed by more than 50% by enabling business and IT users to easily contribute to the testing process and cut test times.