Instead of packaging each new version with every release download it from Apptimized.

With Apptimized Catalogue you get instant access to the very latest versions of the world’s most widespread applications – pre-packaged to Apptimized’s high-quality standards.

Non-compliance with IT security policies and audit requirements due to late patching

Long patch cycles for software that is subject to frequent updates

Visiting dozens of vendor websites to obtain their latest version – unpackaged

High costs and efforts for keeping frequently updated applications ready for deployment

Overloaded packaging resources, not keeping up with pace and volumes, fluctuating quality due to multiple different package sources

Instant availability for rapid deployment of updates and patches

Accelerated “time-to-market” by removing the time needed for packaging

Single portal with packaged updates of dozens of vendors

Low costs due to automation and economies of scale, packaging resources focusing on valuable, non-routine tasks

Consistent, high quality from a single source with more than 15 years of experience

Deploy new versions, updates and patches quicker than ever before

Obtain packaged new versions, updates and patches for immediate deployment from a central repository.

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Select application

Select 3rd party applications from our list that match your software estate.

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Select format

Select applications bitness (32-bit or 64-bit) and format (MSI, App-V, VSL) that match your requirements.

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Get package
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Download the package, tested and ready for deployment to your users.

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Whenever a new version of your applications becomes available, simply repeat the steps.

Instant access to the very latest versions of the world’s most widespread applications

Updates coming pre-packaged to Apptimized’s high quality standards in MSI, MSIX and App-V format.

Cloud tool

Use our top-grade secure environment with an instant VM availability and up-to-date OS versions for your packaging and testing needs.

Anytime, Anywhere

Access from any device 24/7. All you need is a browser and you can start ordering, creating, testing and managing application packages today.

Zero Risk

We are the original fixed price Pay-As-You-Go and SaaS service provider. No set up or configuration charges are included.

Get better work done

Unlimited access to pre-packaged versions of the world’s most widespread applications. Just download the package and deploy it to your users as often as you need.