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See how our product takes the hassle away from testing and maintaining large application estates against the ever changing backdrop of Windows Updates.

Evergreen automates WaaS testing of apps and packages against desktop & server Windows platforms

With Evergreen you get an automated, scalable, cost-effective and easy-to-use test environment for continuously and automatically re-testing applications and packages against a multitude of Windows builds by reusing one-off test case recordings. Also works with new versions of the application or package.

High costs of permanent, re-occurring testing against a multitude of changing Windows builds

Insufficient testing caused by high complexity of manual work

Manual, non-standardized report generation

Availability, usability and cost issues with in-house test environment

Lack of collaboration tools supporting a decentralized and remote testing approach

Low speed of testing which slows down the migration of big software portfolios

Automated testing solution following the principle “do once – play back forever”

No knowledge required, just install & run your application

Extensive reports generated automatically

Cloud testing environment with Pay-As-You-Go billing model

Collaboration platform with extensive authorization options – including whitelabeling for partners

Multiple tests can run in parallel to provide migration readiness information quickly

Exclusive platform that seamlessly integrates workflow with test environment automation and documentation

Send us your apps or packages and our proprietary Apptimized Echo technology will ‘record’ all the information needed to understand your application’s behavior so that it can be automatically retested – to your requirements – every time Microsoft updates Windows.

Upload 5 minutes Since start

Upload your files to the platform and proceed to the next step.

Record 15 minutes Since start

Install your software in our cloud environment and run your test cases to automatically record your test scenario.

Configure 17 minutes Since start
2 min till next stage

Select target test platforms and desired servicing model.

Playback 17 minutes Since start
17 min Since start

Re-tests start automatically, driven by defined rules, as soon as Microsoft updates Windows.

Move application compatibility testing from a one-off migration exercise to a critical ongoing IT activity

We’ll let you know if rolling out the update is going to compromise any applications so you can take any action needed in plenty of time to avoid your enterprise delaying the rollout of the update…keeping you secure and compliant as well as leveraging the feature improvements that come with each Windows 10 Release.

Cloud tool

Use our top-grade secure environment with an instant VM availability and up-to-date OS versions for your packaging and testing needs.

Anytime, Anywhere

Access from any device 24/7. All you need is a browser and you can start ordering, creating, testing and managing application packages today.

Zero Risk

We are the original fixed price Pay-As-You-Go and SaaS service provider. No set up or configuration charges are included.

Get better work done

Apptimized Evergreen gives enterprises the earliest possible warning of when a Windows Update is going to cause an application issue. Always be ready to deploy the latest Windows Update.