Factory helps with your release management processes to become more secure and scalable

Instant availability of a managed, scalable, cost-effective and easy-to-use remote packaging and testing service. High quality software packages and a professional test service help to ensure smooth IT operation. Provides overflow capacity in situations of temporary workload spikes such as Windows 10 migrations or dedicated resources for permanent BAU outtasking.

Missing resources and collaboration tools for decentralized / remote testing & packaging approach

Tight time frames, for example in OS migration projects

Limited budget or surging BAU costs

Lack of scalability to meet changing resource demands

Current delivery model does not match modern strategies

Lack of user involvement into the process as important contributors

Dissatisfaction with current outsourcer

Cloud collaboration tool for creating packaging or testing requests and monitoring their execution

Strict and practical SLAs with the ability to fast-track urgent requests

Effective cost control through Pay-As-You-Go model. No hidden costs

Scalable, managed service with capacity to package and test thousands of apps per month

Modern, secure and easy-to-use SaaS platform including whitelabeling for partners

Multi-level permission system for granular user authorization

One-stop shop for all your packaging and testing needs

Package and test apps for any platform in any format – including Windows 10 – with the first and only fully cloud-based service

Our unique fully cloud-based platform, built on 15 years specialist experience and hosted on Microsoft Azure, means you can now package without investing a single penny in hardware, software or resource.

Fully configurable and customizable, our service can be delivering application packages to your specifications, configured for your environment, within hours.

Upload 5 minutes Since start

Upload your files to the platform and proceed to the next step.

Discovery 15 minutes Since start

Install your software in our cloud environment to automatically record your requirements into installation and configuration instructions.

Submit request 17 minutes Since start
Submit request
2 min till next stage

Select format and platforms and submit the request to our Factory.

Processing 5 days Since start
4 days till next stage

We’ll start processing your request immediately. That might take up to 4 days. You get notified about progress and in case of technical issues.

Testing 5 days Since start
15 min till next stage

Review the results and let us know if any issues are found – we will fix them for you.

Delivery 5 days Since start
5 days since start

Once you’re happy with our work, simply approve your request and continue as you are used to. Apptimized warranty keeps you covered.

The Apptimized Factory is already being used by some of the world’s largest businesses including the likes of PwC, AXA, and DXC

We support all common packaging formats – including MSI, App-V, CloudPaging, CloudHouse, ThinApp and proprietary scripting techniques – for all Windows platforms as well as Mac, VMWare, Citrix, and Linux.

And we’re on to of emerging packaging technologies too – we’re a member of the Microsoft Technology Adoption Programme (TAP) for the recently launched MSIX technology. Ask us about our expertise!

Cloud tool

Use our top-grade secure environment with an instant VM availability and up-to-date OS versions for your packaging and testing needs.

Anytime, Anywhere

Access from any device 24/7. All you need is a browser and you can start ordering, creating, testing and managing application packages today.

Zero Risk

We are the original fixed price Pay-As-You-Go and SaaS service provider. No set up or configuration charges are included.

Get better work done

Everything is included in a fixed “per request” fee. Nothing extra for service configuration, storage, training or support. Just pay for packages or test results, when they are delivered.

All services come with a standard delivery turnaround of just eight days, or four days if you need it sooner.