Apptimized Updates proactively informs you of the latest updates from one central source.

We monitor all Microsoft operating systems and over 250 products, adding new ones all the time, helping you keep your applications estate current, secure and compliant contributing to the vision of ‘evergreen IT’.

Lack of overview of the application estate’s health and currentness

Need to collect update information from a variety of sources daily

Lack of control due to responsibilities spread among several people

Non-compliance with IT security policies and audit requirements due to long patch cycles for software that is subject to frequent updates

Disjointed from existing DevOps and EUS processes

Automated notifications and easy to understand reporting dashboard

Single point of information, aggregated from hundreds of quality sources

Centralized portal providing a holistic view on the estate

Original vendor media included for most applications

Seamless integration with other Apptimized Evergreen solutions for holistic application portfolio and lifecycle management including Packaging

Gain control over updates and patches while having peace of mind

Updates continually analyze multiple sources of industry data and automatically sends notifications when vendors of your applications have released updates or patches.

Select application 1 minutes Since start
Select application

Select applications from our list that match your software estate.

Get notified 6 minutes Since start
Get notified

Receive update notifications and decide on the way forward – update your software or skip that version.

Get media 7 minutes Since start
Get media
1 min till next stage

Download the media for further processing within or outside of Apptimized.

Repeat 13 minutes Since start
13 min Since start

Whenever a new version of your applications become available, simply repeat the steps.

Stay informed about the very latest versions of the world’s most widespread applications.

Automatic notifications on new versions as well as access to downloadable vendor media for most applications from a single central repository.

Cloud tool

Use our top-grade secure environment with an instant VM availability and up-to-date OS versions for your packaging and testing needs.

Anytime, Anywhere

Access from any device 24/7. All you need is a browser and you can start ordering, creating, testing and managing application packages today.

Zero Risk

We are the original fixed price Pay-As-You-Go and SaaS service provider. No set up or configuration charges are included.

Get better work done

Get notified when an application has been updated and download the media with a few clicks. Pay only what you use, low monthly per-app fee.