Automate end-to-end application lifecycle management in the cloud.

Concentrate on your business applications, from getting notified about the newly released version to ready-to-deploy application packages. Centralized software management through Apptimized cloud workflow with powerful self-service options or via reliable managed services.


High-quality application compatibility, IT process automation, and cost-effective solutions in the cloud are among the main challenges that modern-day businesses encounter.



Apptimized, the industry’s first and only fully cloud-based application evergreen solution, empowers your organization by streamlining application management with cutting-edge technology that allows for increased efficiency and quality throughout your organization.

Automate in-house software packaging
Cost effective software packages
Reduce shadow IT

Why SMB companies choose us?

Application management services and application logistics provided as the Evergreen-based platform in the cloud. Find out if Apptimized is the right solution for your business.

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