Windows 10 migration and centralized IT estate with AppPackaging Factory service

Application packaging Factory solution case study Apptimized and PWC

The Challenge  

PwC had identified an opportunity to make significant savings by centralizing the provision of its IT to all 157 member firms around the globe. With Windows 10 becoming an inevitability, they decided to use the rollout of the new Operating System as a trigger to roll the member firms onto a centralized IT managed service.  

PwC recognized early on in their planning that it was critical to the project’s success, and to the ongoing ability to centrally manage such a large and diverse estate, that the line of business applications both conform to centrally governed standards, and function as required on the new Operating System. A key component of their new centralized IT service was the ability to remotely package and deliver applications to their global offices.  

The Solution: AppPackaging Factory service

After assessing the solutions available, PwC decided to partner with Apptimized, the world’s first fully cloud-based applications packaging solution. Now PwC had a provider that could support the global components of their application packaging needs.  

Specifically, Apptimized’s cloud-based AppPackaging Factory service to provide PwC three specific capabilities in support of their global Windows 10 programme and subsequent centralised IT management service.  

First, PwC worked with Apptimized to create a custom Application Quality Assurance process to ensure global compliance to corporate standards for all line of business applications. As a provider of both legal and financial services, compliance and security are key priorities for PwC. 

Second, PwC is leveraging the Apptimized’s AppPackaging service to support its entire global rollout of Windows 10 – one of the largest such projects in the world. The rollout will touch in excess of 230,000 end points in 157 countries.  

Finally, PwC plans to utilize Apptimized’s fully cloud-based AppPackaging Factory to support their ongoing business as usual service. Recognizing that Windows 10 will require more frequent updates, PwC needed a long-term partner capable of providing application packaging services for a global team in a logistically feasible and cost-effective manner. 

Why using Apptimized Application packaging Factory services?  

As the only cloud-based application service on the market, Apptimized gives PwC the unique opportunity to offer a global capability without the need to invest in any hardware or software. The service is provided on a pay-as-you-go basis presenting PwC with a zero-risk option, and the ability to roll the service out on a firm by firm basis without incurring incremental cost was also attractive. PwC could also have confidence in the quality of the Apptimized service and output with average turnaround times under 5 days and a UAT pass rate of over 96 per cent.  

The Results: successful Windows 10 migration 

PwC has estimated seven figure savings globally due to the fixed unit price for all services and Apptimized’s pay-as-you-go model which enables PwC to only pay for what is delivered. Coupled with the lack of minimum commitment or throughput, this has alleviated any financial risk for PwC. In addition, since Apptimized is so simple to implement and use, there were no set-up or training fees. Further, PwC enjoys a single global contract with standard SLA’s, making communication and future negotiations simple.  

Ultimately, this enables PwC to focus on the core benefits Apptimized provides. The ability to create standard, repeatable processes globally, without any need to invest in hardware or software. With their fully cloud-based application packaging partner selected, PwC is now on the path to a successful Windows 10 migration and transfer to a centralized, global IT service. 

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