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The main goal of Apptimized is application logistics, managing the application lifecycle. Part of this is to provide and deploy in the simplest way, high quality, ready-to-deploy application packages. As a constantly growing company, we are always on the lookout for newly qualified and capable employees to provide all our solutions to the highest standards and always in time.  

Nowadays, Apptimized has offices located all over the world, including Germany, Switzerland, United Kingdom, United States, Poland and the Ukraine. In order to strengthen the quality of application packaging services and enhance the productivity, companies need a supply of suitably skilled employees. Not so long ago, this topic was raised in our Ukrainian office, in Sumy during a team meeting. 

What could be a source of fresh and technically able new employees? Beyond any doubt, a university is full of students, who are actively encouraged to do different tasks. This could be a great place to find new employees. So, on the 1ST of October, Apptimized Operations in cooperation with Sumy State University organized a ribbon-cutting ceremony to mark the setting up the Apptimized Academy, a learning environment for students, who wish to become professional DevOps Engineers. 

The idea of the Academy is supported by Sumy State University who are members of the International Association of Universities, European University Association, Euroasian Universities Association and other international organizations.  

Apptimized has become one of the sponsors for students, by providing a suitable student area for studying, with a multimedia suite and computer equipment to aid their study and progression. These facilities provide the skills necessary for them to progress quickly and become successful when applying for jobs. 

Through collaboration between Sumy University and Apptimized in the available Enterprise Software Management course. Apptimized is able to add real benefit through real business scenarios and solutions. 

What skills will the future application packaging specialists receive?

Apptimized provides its customers with different application packaging formats, students will be able to gain new technical skills in creating and supporting formats like: MSI, App-V and MSIX. 

As a part of the program, Apptimized will provide information about SCCM and Intune deployment systems, PowerShell scripting languages, Docker container technologies, and Docker Compose and Kubernetes.  

As a result, students will be capable of packaging and repackaging easy, medium and complex packages, using the Apptimized packaging tool within Workspace and keep the latest versions of every package updated in Catalogue, or package more complex tasks for Factory request. The stage of application packaging testing will also be provided by Apptimized in order to teach students, how to carry out testing and deliver application packages of high quality. 

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