Apptimized Proof launched at MS Ignite

Windows 10 compatibility with Apptimized Evergreen

Remove the barrier to Windows 10 and Windows-as-a-Service adoption

Apptimized have launched a new service – Apptimized Proof – to remove a major barrier to enterprise adoption of Windows 10 and Windows-as-a-Service.

Recent surveys have shown that the additional effort required to test and maintain Line of Business applications against Windows-as-a-Service updates is preventing many enterprises from moving to Windows 10.

Launched in partnership with Microsoft, Apptimized Proof remove this barrier by providing a low cost, scalable and accurate testing service. The service is fully cloud-based, so no additional hardware or software is required, and leverages unique access to Windows desktop Insider Builds so is as accurate as possible.

The services were launched at Microsoft Ignite last month in Orlando, Florida, USA, where Apptimized were invited by Microsoft to present our experiences of supporting Windows 10 and Windows-as-a-Service. You can view our presentation here.

Apptimized CTO Mathias Baumann commented: “The aim with our Proof services is to provide the most cost-effective, most accurate and quickest application compatibility testing service possible.

“By combining unique access to Microsoft desktop Insider builds, with our unique cloud-based solution, which now includes automated application testing courtesy of Apptimized Echo, we believe we have achieved this.”

Both Apptimized Proof is offered on a SAAS subscription basis with no need to stand up any hardware or software.

For more information contact us here or give us a call on +44 (0)118 4050044 or +1 425 748 5017.

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