How to use cloud isolated sandbox environment to increase IT security and ensure compliance

Cloud isolated test environment

The Customer

The company is focused on helping the world better face climate risk while also extending protection and risk knowledge to the public in an effort to contribute to global economic development and become a trusted partner for customers in the region. Recognized as a leading insurance brand, company has won awards for its quality of services and products.

The Goal: IT security compliance

Digital products are complex and often untransparent. A company’s application portfolio needs to be carefully scrutinized to ensure only compliant and secure apps make it onto the corporate desktop, the servers and the corporate network. To keep systems secure, the company needs to create confidence in the application’s compliance with policies and compatibility with the existing IT infrastructure. IT security needs to stay ahead of attackers hence tightens security controls continuously, technically, and process-wise.

Simultaneously, IT users are becoming increasingly emancipated and expect “Bring-your-own” capabilities for hardware and software. If an acute business problem occurs that can be resolved with a new piece of software, they don’t want to be trapped in a lengthy approval process.

On the other side of the spectrum, the software could not keep up with the pace but is still needed. In some cases, modernization or replacement is not an option, so some apps are in danger to fall through the cracks.

Our customer was already well-positioned to reconcile IT security’s needs with the expectations of the IT uses; however, they were committed to increasing the user experience and convenience even further and shared this goal with Apptimized as a trusted service provider for many years.

Together with Financial Service Company, Apptimized assessed the requirements in the areas:

  • Data security management
  • IT estate compliance
  • Production software evaluation

Running applications safely was essential to prevent security risks and empower the established process that manages software compatibility and OS performance.

Our customer relied on Apptimized services and prepared business software to move through secure and isolated assessment.

The Solution: isolated sandbox environment

Apptimized developed a unique approach for Financial Service Company to overcome security challenges without unobvious, time-consuming, and paper-heavy procedures.

Apptimized SafeBox, a secure managed environment, provided customer with virtual desktops based on multiple OSs, supplied with self-service management capabilities and 24/7 online access to evaluate applications without the risks of affecting the production environment.

As a virtual sandbox environment in the cloud, accessible for employees to safely test and run the unknown and non-standard workloads out of the existing infrastructure.

Benefits of Apptimized cloud sandbox solution:

  • Flexibility. SafeBox enables you to create your sandbox environments, share project-based workloads with other users, and apply sandbox settings according to the user’s preferences.
  • Security. Modern applications can be vulnerable to hackers and malware. Due to the high level of isolation, the company’s internal computers and network are fully prevented from disruption, malware, and viruses.
  • Persistence. Thanks to the persistence of SafeBox and snapshot features, any setup and configuration work is retained for as long as needed. Any data produced using SafeBox is kept permanently, too.
  • Easy-to-use. Reduce time and efforts needed to onboard and train IT staff due to intuitive and logically designed SafeBox interface, friendly to users of all skill levels.

Easy and effective to access and operate from any location and device. Consequently, minimal technical prerequisites and training to adopt solutions are required. The minimum requirements of SafeBox are Internet access & a modern browser.

The Result

The empowered state of customer’s framework highlighted that Apptimized was the ideal partner to deal with the complex security requirements and reduce risks for shadow IT alternatives to be involved.

The areas and activities impacted by Apptimized SafeBox:

  • Software assessment. Run any non-standard software the business urgently needs for daily work without risks to damage the corporate infrastructure’s core functionality. Until the application become fully secure for production purposes, it can be easily sandboxed within the SafeBox environment.
  • Software pre-production evaluation. Software test run may involve testing dozens of software so that installing and removing software over time can seriously mess up corporate PCs and OS performance. There is no need to do mass testing locally. SafeBox enables customer’s IT teams to try new software to assess if it covers all the required functionalities.
  • Malware diagnostics. The sandboxed and isolated environment allows to analyze potentially nasty files or URLs and detect types of malware that can affect corporate software. The results can be sandboxed and automatically shared with the security community.

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