Application Patch Management: Automated monitoring of application updates and vulnerabilities with Apptimized Updates

Application Patch Management: Automated monitoring of application updates Apptimized

Is it hard keeping your software up to date in the right way? How much time does it take to track application updates? How often do software vulnerabilities remain undiscovered, and the related patches are deployed late or not at all? Missed out on time-critical feature updates, letting down your users? Ever felt squeezed by the pressures of regulatory compliance and security threats? Nervous because of security audits? Annoyed by slow IT processes?  What impact does the application updating have on your software estate?   

Without a doubt, patch management is not an easy task. But, at the same time, no one can deny the need for this procedure and its importance for companies across all industries. Why? Well, if you don’t keep your applications current, you expose your users, your company and ultimately yourself to high cyber security risks. Your users’ productivity might be impacted by missing features, old data or incompatibilities with your infrastructure.  

How to stay notified about application updates? 

Apptimized Updates is a solution that provides you with a flexible and automated notification system. Updates informs users when the software vendor has released an application update or found vulnerabilities. We monitor over 250 of the most widely used products, adding new ones all the time, so you are free from manual and tedious work that consumes time and effort.  

How to get Apptimized update notifications? 

By purchasing a subscription that allows you to get update notifications, and to choose which applications you want to monitor and view they’re current version status. Also, the subscription enables you to download vendor media in a few clicks directly from your portfolio. 

Key benefits of Application Patch Management with Apptimized Updates:

  • Centralized portal. You will be constantly aware of any updates and patches related to the applications in your portfolio. 
  • Vulnerability notifications. Stay secure and keep your software protected from viruses and malicious codes.  
  • “Evergreening” your estate. Support your software estate with up-to-date applications that are secure, provide the latest features, are fully compliant with the current operating system and won’t cause issues. 
  • Access to the original vendor’s media. You can download the media and process it within or outside of Apptimized. 
  • Adjust settings for  updates. Monitor only applications you need, reducing unnecessary information and aligning with changing requirements. 

Updates helps companies to focus on key issues, enhancing the business processes‘ productivity and sustainability. 

What else can Apptimized offer? 

Updates isn’t the only solution available for keeping your estate evergreen. The integration of other Apptimized Evergreen solutions allows you to perform application lifecycle management easier and quicker in one place without specific knowledge and actions from your side.  

What are solutions for application lifecycle management? 

What are those solutions? 

Same as Updates, Factory is embedded into our cloud environment that is scalable and secure to work with any number of apps. Factory supports the most popular packaging formats like MSI, MSIX, IntuneWin, App-V and ThinApp as well as software platforms like Windows, Mac, VMWare, Citrix, and Linux. 

Seamlessly feed vendor media from Updates into a self-service packaging environment with everything needed to create the most common and latest packaging formats: MSI, MSIX, App-V and IntuneWin with nothing to install and no VDI infrastructure to maintain. Easily integrated into your existing workflow system via APIs. 

Try Free 30-days trial of Apptimized Workspace – application packaging environment >>>

Catalogue helps to keep your estate current by providing the latest versions of the most common application packages. The way it works is quite simple: send us a request on application packages you need and we’ll package them for you within 48 hours after the request.  

Apptimized Catalogue includes applications such as Adobe Reader, 7-Zip, Java, Mozilla Firefox, Filezilla, Google Chrome, etc. 

Managing your applications in a holistic application portfolio, regardless of the service option.  

For further information, please contact us here or call us on +44 (0)1184 050044 

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