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Apptimized application packaging tool webinar

Are you an application packaging specialist? You know how much time you are spending every day on routine tasks to solve simple problem.Workspace – Apptimized Application Packaging tool, webinar hosted by Michael Schickaneder, Apptimized COO and Sian Holt, takes you through the solution, which can solve your problem.

Unique approach to application packaging

Workspace, created as a result of the collaboration between application packaging specialists and our development team. This approach, developing a cloud-based tool and using real cases to solve the typical daily problems and increase productivity.

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Application packaging formats within Workspace?

  • MSI – standard application packaging format.
  • App-V – a bundle format used to avoid direct installation of the application to a users computer.
  • MSIX – available as part of the main application packaging tool. Also part of an addon – MSIX converter, which will give you the ability to repackage your MSI to MSIX format automatically.
  • Intunewin – the new application packaging format. With a connection between the Apptimized platform and Microsoft Intune, enabling created packages to be sent directly to Intune.
  • VSL – fully automated application packaging format developed by Apptimized specialists.

Flexible settings per project 

Within each project, you can set the required configuration based on your guidelines. Thus helping to avoid making the same changes again and again. For example; you can customise your exclusion list or set specific custom actions. Configure the wrapper to deploy your apps under SCCM, and allow you to control, notify users about installation and give users the ability to control it.  Apptimized considers, for now, three different formats of the wrapper, which are: Batch files, PowerShell App Deployment Toolkit and Visual Basic script files. 

If you have a .msi and you need to change some configuration, use our Transform option under Workspace.  

Benefits of using Workspace application packaging tool 

  • Cloud-based application which gives you the ability to proceed with packaging on any device. 
  • The most common packaging formats are available: VSL, MSI, App-V, MSIX and Intunewin. 
  • Intuitive UI: designed in collaboration with application packaging specialists. 
  • Different OS to perform packaging and Virtual Machines to test everything in a prepared environment. 

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