Fully automated application packaging moves a step closer with VSL

Apptimized VSL

Apptimized continues to lead the application packaging industry with the announcement that we will soon be launching VSL (Virtual Software Layer) – a new package format aimed at maximising automation.

Matthias Baumann, Apptimized CTO, commented: “Our proprietary package format VSL will provide the benefits of application layering, embedded into the Apptimized platform and workflow to provide for maximum automation experience.

“The format will be agnostic to target platforms and deployment systems so it becomes a truly universal package format for Windows applications.”

A core strand of the Apptimized strategy is to achieve 100% automation, delivering instant, high quality customized application packaging services via our industry-leading unique cloud-based solution. VSL will be a significant step towards delivering this.
Henry Jonas

“With the Windows 10 Semi Annual Channel update model it’s becoming more critical that enterprises are able to stay ahead of the update curve. Apptimized is the only solution that allows them to do this cost-effectively and to the highest quality and VSL will be a critical addition.”

The exact release date of VSL is yet to be announced but please keep checking this site for details.

For further information, contact us here or call us on +44 (0)1184 050044.

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