Secure and scalable application management services

All platforms and all formats. Instant implementation. Fully customizable. No need for any hardware or software.

High quality, high speed, fixed price, pay-as-you-go application packaging and testing

Instant availability of a managed, scalable, cost-effective and easy-to-use remote packaging and testing service. High-quality software packages and a professional test service help to ensure smooth IT operation. Provides overflow capacity of temporary workload spikes such as Windows 11 migrations or dedicated resources for permanent BAU out-tasking.

Outsourced application packaging service

No need to set up the packaging process from scratch and spend valuable resources onboarding hard-to-find specialists. Save on complicated infrastructure implementation or toolset licensing and use the managed Apptimized service with a mature packaging process and delivery model matching your modern workplace or cloud strategy.

Outsourced application packaging service
Production-ready application packages

Production-ready application packages

You might be already familiar with mass deployments of applications and the pain it can create for your IT department. Apptimized provides you with an easy-to-use service to get ready-to-deploy packages matching all your requirements and industry best practices. All within the desired SLA and at a reasonable price.

Smooth Windows 11 migration

With Windows 11 becoming an inevitability, it’s essential to keep up with the regular release of updates across your applications and adjust the company’s installation process. Apptimized allows you to remotely package and deliver applications to your global offices and keep your IT estate evergreen, especially during OS migration projects.

Smooth Windows 11 migration

Package and test apps for any platform in any format – including Windows 11 – with the first and only fully cloud-based service.

Our unique fully cloud-based platform, built on 15 years specialist experience, means you can now package without investing a single penny in hardware, software or resource. Fully configurable and customisable, our service can be delivering application packages to your specifications, configured for your environment, within hours.

Step 1

Upload application

Import your files from your PC, CSV file, SCCM or from Updates service to the platform and proceed to the next step.

Step 2


Under this step you need to provide all technical requirements and installation guide. You can upload your own guidelines for this ot create it with help of our solution. Via Discovery step simply install your software in our cloud environment to automatically record your requirements into installation and configuration instructions.

Step 3

Submit request

Select Windows packaging platforms and define next characteristics: 1. Package format: Apptimized best practice, msi, legacy setup, app-v, msix, cloudhouse container, OSX (.dmg, .mpkg, .pkg, .app). 2. Wrapper format: Apptimized PowerShell wrapper (based on PSADT), intunewin, install.cmd or no wrapping. Submit the request to our Factory with Normal or Urgent priority.

Step 4


We ll start processing your request immediately. That might take up to 4 days. You get notified about progress and in case of technical issues.

Step 5


Review the result and let us know of any issues found - we will fix them for you.

Step 6


Once you re happy with our work, simply approve your request and continue as you are used to. Apptimized warranty keeps you covered. Ready-made package can be easily downloaded from the platform or push to SCCM or Intune environment.


The industry’s only end-to-end packaging service in the cloud – no need for hardware, software or resource

Package for any platform in any format – fully configurable and customizable. Our service can deliver application packages to your specification and standards, configured to your environment, within hours. It’s all included in an Apptimized fixed price package.

Simple and fast packages
Simple and fast packages

Cloud collaboration tool for creating packaging or testing requests and monitoring their progress. Once your request is confirmed, the package itself will be ready within 4 working days.

Packages on time
Packages on time

Strict and practical SLAs with the ability to fast-track urgent requests. Apptimized experts will start processing your request immediately after receiving it. You get notified about progress and in case of technical issues.

Test environment
Test environment

Scalable managed service with the capacity to package and test thousands of apps per month, regardless of their quantity and complexity. The ability to test the packages without leaving the system on pre-prepared virtual machines.

Modern packaging formats
Modern packaging formats

We support all common packaging formats – including MSI, App-V, MSIX, CloudPaging, CloudHouse, IntuneWin and proprietary scripting techniques – for all Windows platforms and Mac VMWare, Citrix, and Linux.

Integration capability
Integration capability

Stay in the cloud to integrate application packages into SCCM or Intune for further distribution. No additional tools and prerequisites are needed. The deployment can be complete in just a few clicks within the Apptimized platform.


The Apptimized Packaging Factory is the only packaging service built on the secure and scalable Microsoft Azure platform, which guarantees your data's reliability and preservation.


Windows 11 migration and IT centralization

Apptimized Factory, a cloud-based application packaging service, provided PWC with the capabilities to comply with corporate standards for all line of business applications. Apptimized supported the rollout of Windows 11 from the very beginning until the whole IT estate was migrated. The rollout touched over 230,000 endpoints in 157 countries.

Windows 11 migration and IT centralization

We have set out to implement next-generation IT across our business. Apptimized is the only supplier in their space who aligns to that aspiration.

David Tucker
Head of User Experience

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Since our inception in 2003, Apptimized have supported hundreds of global customers across all sectors. Below are a sample of the companies who have benefited from our expertise.

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