Inform - Springtime!

For your software portfolio to get fresh and stay Evergreen, you need to be in the know about your estate. Apptimized monitors your applications and operating systems for updates and vulnerabilities…so you don’t have to.

Apptimized continually analyses and consolidates multiple sources of industry data so we can let you know instantly when any one of more than 250 applications in your portfolio has been updated by its vendor or have known vulnerabilities.

We monitor over 250 products, adding new ones all the time, helping you keep your applications estate current, secure and compliant contributing to the vision of ‘evergreen IT’.

Simply tell us with a click in your browser which of our monitored products you’d like us to monitor, and we’ll email you the moment the vendor releases an update to that product or when an exploit becomes known to the public.


Test - Red button and green light

With Apptimized Evergreen, validating your estate against changes will be like driving a high-speed train: Signals will be green most of the time, and if not, you will be informed ahead of time.

With your Evergreen strategy being challenged by Windows as a Service and self-updating apps, you need to embrace continual change, testing and deployment, but focus on things that matter. With the help of a “big red button” automate everything not directly related to knowledge work such as the deployment of test environments and doing the testing legwork. Don’t waste time and money on redoing the same things over and over again, on maintaining complicated test environments – or on avoiding to get even started.

See life as a green light and keep moving forward only unless directed otherwise. Not the other way around. From your browser.



Fix - Get the job done

With change comes issues, that’s inevitable. With Apptimized Evergreen, fix those issues in next to no time – either yourself with our powerful self-service options, or let us deal with them via our reliable managed services.

To get and stay Evergreen, don’t wait until a small problem gets big. Fix issues found immediately, whether these were created internally or by your software vendors. And yes: even in times of DevOps, every new application update released by your internal developers or 3rd party vendors constitutes an issue for IT operations in the first place which they need to carefully prepare for release.

Preparing new apps, updates and patches for deployment to your users running Windows has never been easier: Document your installation requirements, package vendor media for automated deployment and perform sign-off testing all within the Apptimized platform in the cloud. Pick the delivery model that suits you: self-service performed by your team or partners, managed service performed by us, and combine them as needed.

Run - Get and keep going

When you’re done with efficiently preparing your apps for deployment, there is no reason to be outbraked by manual hand-offs to your SCCM or Intune.

With deep integration into your SCCM or Intune infrastructure simply populate your Apptimized packages to SCCM and Intune with a click of a button. Apptimized will create all the needed properties with all the details needed for instant and successful deployment.

Prefer to keep using ServiceNow as your IT Service Management tool to govern a larger footprint?

You can easily attach Apptimized to it so you can orchestrate your Evergreen process provided by Apptimized from within ServiceNow.


Apptimized can also be configured to offer a combination of Factory and Self Service – giving you a scalable backup if your needs outstrip your capacity.

Whether you’re an enterprise looking for a risk free packaging service, a packaging professional looking for a low cost alternative to the traditional packaging tools, or a supplier looking to offer a white-labeled application packaging service, look no further.

Apptimized can also be configured to offer a combination of Factory and Self Service – giving you a scalable backup in the event that your needs outstrip your capacity.

Apptimized supports the following platforms:

  • Microsoft® Windows® (desktop and server, all versions)
  • Apple® Mac OS® (all versions)
  • Linux (all distributions and version).

Pay As You Go

Apptimized is the pioneer of fixed cost, pay-as-you-go application packaging services having first started offering them over a decade ago.

Only pay for what you use when you use it with no setup or configuration costs, and no minimum throughput or a volume commitment.

Offered as a single low fixed cost regardless of complexity, Apptimized will reduce your risk while not compromising the service you receive and maintaining industry leading quality.

Go Hybrid With To Go

Simply extend Apptimized into your company’s IT environment via our To Go connector which bridges the cloud with on-premise machines.

Although Apptimized being cloud-native and future-proof, we embrace the fact that end-user computing is still happening behind corporate firewalls, and that Evergreen should mimic those production environments as perfectly as possible in order to obtain reliable results.

With Apptimized To Go your on-premise or private cloud machines – physical PCs or VDI – become Apptimized machines with all the automation for documentation, packaging and testing. Next to nothing setup efforts and firewall configurations because of standard SSL communication and, well documented for easy adoption and approval by corporate IT.


Apptimized puts the security of its systems and customer data at the core of our business.

This being one of the primary reasons Apptimized is hosted on Microsoft Azure.

This is one of the primary reasons why Apptimized is hosted on Microsoft Azure.

Independent reviews of our security practices and procedures are carried out regularly as well as monthly external testing to ensure stringent access controls, secure hosting and storage, as well as safe data transfer in and out of the service.

In addition, Apptimized has been certified ‘Hacker Proof’ by industry leading security consultancy Comodo TrustLogo.

TrustLogos are issued in accordance with the Comodo Certification Practice Statement – a policy document outlining the rules and practices employed in the application, issuance and management of Comodo’s Instant SSL Certificate solutions and TrustLogo website identity assurance solutions.


Apptimized scalable infrastructure means that we can support you regardless of the volumes you need. We provide services to businesses who need a couple of packages a month, and we also support multinational enterprises.

We require no throughput commitment and we don’t need a minimum volume or forecast. And if your needs suddenly increase, that’s fine, – we can instantly scale to support you with no degradation in service or quality.

Same day implementation

Because our service is fully cloud-based with no need for hardware, software or resource, you could be ordering or creating customized application packages today.

We require no throughput commitment and we don’t need a minimum volume or forecast. And if your needs suddenly increase, that’s fine, – we can instantly scale to support you with no degradation in service or quality.

Service & Support

Apptimized is fully supported. Your primary means of support is the online chat facility accessible from every screen in the system.

We stand behind our packages!

If there’s something wrong with one of your packages, we will do everything we can to make it right.

That’s why we warranty our packages for 90 days after they are made available.

Our service level agreement (SLA) is our commitment to giving you the highest standard of customer service, support and care – guaranteed.

As part of our quality assurance, we carry out extensive testing of the packages created.

After the application is automatically installed on a suitable test device, the following checks are performed:

  • Compliance with formal criteria of packaging guidelines
  • Basic test of application and installation functionality
  • Installation of the software product via Deployment Tool
  • Launching the application in several user contexts
  • Test basic functionality of the application (if possible)
  • Test the repair functionality
  • Test the upgrade functionality (if required)
  • Test uninstall routine.

Established 2003

Apptimized has been a leading supplier of application packaging services since its inception in Potsdam, Germany, in 2003 as Revacom.

In that time we’ve supported hundreds of the world’s largest businesses across all sectors including the likes of PwC, UBS, Coca-Cola, AXA and Computacenter.

For a list of selected customers, click here.

Our mission from the outset has been simple: to simplify the traditionally complex and resource-intensive packaging process to provide an improved customer experience through the pioneering use of leading edge technologies and the continuing industrialization of processes.

Automation & AI

Since the day we launched in 2003, Apptimized has been known for innovating and staying ahead of the curve. That tradition is continuing with a number of exciting developments.

We are focused on achieving 100% packaging automation. We believe that ultimately it will be possible to deliver a fully automated service delivering customized packages based on project settings. For all applications.

This will be a game changer.

Inherent in this is the work we are doing on what we’re calling ‘RoboBoss’ – our Artificial Intelligence ‘detective’ which will analyze input automatically and determine the best way of delivery.

This will deliver self-service support with inbuilt predictive analytics giving customers a future view of upcoming problems in their applications estate, including remediation recommendations.

The algorithm learns how to resolve issues automatically by observing and replicating human behavior making our Apptimized Packaging engine smarter every single day. For tasks which are not yet fully automated, a Robo-boss will find and assign the best resource to complete the job.

On top of that we’re developing ‘driverless testing’ – giving customers absolute confidence that all future versions of the same software will function 100% of the time without any additional effort.

This is going to be especially exciting in the world of Windows 10 as enterprises have to work out how they efficiently, quickly and accurately stay on top of Microsoft’s Semi Annual Channel update process.

And that’s just the tip of the innovation iceberg.

Fully Cloud Based

Everything needed to manage applications in the cloud. No need for hardware, software or resource. Apptimized is the industry’s first and only fully cloud-based application Evergreen solution.

Apptimized is the industry’s first and only fully cloud-based application Evergreen solution.

Apptimized has everything needed to order, create, edit, remediate, update, test and manage packaged applications without the need for any additional hardware or software.

Whether you’re an enterprise looking for a risk free, high quality, cost-effective application packaging service, a packaging professional needing a scalable low cost alternative to the traditional thick-client packaging tools, or an IT supplier looking to add application packaging to your service portfolio, Apptimized provides everything needed…in the cloud.

Apptimized is hosted on the Microsoft Azure platform and offered on a pure SaaS/PAYG basis with no charges for configuration, set-up, hardware or software.