The world’s most widespread on-demand application packages and ready to deploy

Instant access to the very latest versions of the world’s most commonly requested applications, software updates and patches – packaged on-demand to Apptimized’s high-quality standards within 48 hours after request.

All the packages you need stored on one platform, created to industry best practices, and already tested

With Apptimized Catalogue, you can request the latest versions of the world’s most widespread applications – pre-packaged to Apptimized’s high-quality standards.

IT security compliance

Even today, vendors continue to detect new software vulnerabilities that make it challenging to maintain and adhere to IT security compliance, standards, and policies. Non-compliance can significantly devastate the company’s budget and consume human effort. Apptimized allows you to enhance your IT estate’s compatibility and minimize the risk of installing malicious applications with Catalogue ready to deploy packages.

IT security compliance
Frequent application updates

Frequent application updates

Each software and update must be prepared for installation in an environment. Due to the large number of applications in use and their updates, there is an enormous amount of work involved in maintaining them. With the help of ready-to-deploy packages, which Apptimized offers in its catalog for numerous applications, savings in time and money can be realized.

Lack of packaging skills and capacity

Implement packaging technologies or onboarding new experts are equally difficult tasks for enterprises and SMB. Apptimized has over 15 years of experience in software packaging. Apptimized applies best practices to the packaging process, simplifying software update management and deploying security updates across your company devices.

Lack of packaging skills and capacity

Deploy new versions, updates and patches quicker than ever before

Obtain packaged new versions, updates and patches for immediate deployment from a central repository.

Step 1

Select application

Select 3rd party applications from our list that match your software estate. In case you couldn`t find application, simple request it. Our specialist will investigate all of them and add to the list, if possible.

Step 2

Select format

Select applications bitness (32-bit or 64-bit) and format (MSI, App-V, IntuneWin and MSIX) that match your requirements.

Step 3

Get package

Download the package, tested and ready for deployment to your users.

Step 4


Whenever a new version of your applications becomes available, simply repeat the steps.


Access to the very latest versions of the world’s most widespread applications

Updates come pre-packaged to Apptimized’s high-quality standards in MSI, App-V, IntuneWin, and MSIX format.

Secured packages
Secured packages

Avoid non-compliance with IT security policies and audit requirements. The delivered applications are pre-packaged and pre-tested according to industry best practices. Minimize the risk of installing the contaminated application on the company's computer.

Always up-to-date
Always up-to-date

The latest versions are available to order within 24 hours of the release of the vendor's update - ready for download within 48 after request. Before submitting a request, you can choose package properties such as application, version, platform, and format.

Common packaging formats
Common packaging formats

Anytime capability to request a new version of the application, packaged in MSI, App-V, IntuneWin, and MSIX format, including PSADT wrapping.

24/7 available packages
24/7 available packages

More than 100 of the most commonly used ready-to-deploy applications in 32-bit and 64-bit versions and various formats.

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Pre-configured software packages delivered within 48 hours after request. No matter the platform, format or device.


Stay in control

The easy-to-use dashboard allows you to monitor your current package requests. Also, Apptimized will inform you once a package is ready to download or integrate with your application portfolio managed in the Apptimized portal.

Installation guidelines

Every package comes with application packaging guidelines and documentation that describes the details of the installation process.

Extend the Catalogue

If you miss an application in the catalog, you can request it. After a short check, we will inform you whether the desired application can be included in the catalog.

Wrapped and ready to deploy

Wrapped and ready to deploy

To speed up software deployment and smooth software packages’ unification, Catalogue delivers packages wrapped using PSADT technology.

Minimum requirements

Internet access and browsers like IE, Firefox, or Chrome are the only prerequisites needed for accessing Catalogue.

Minimum requirements

Our Clients

Since our inception in 2003, Apptimized has supported hundreds of global customers across all sectors. Below is a sample of the companies who have benefited from our expertise.