Monitoring applications for updates and security vulnerabilities… so you don’t have to

Instant notification when an application in your portfolio is updated by the vendor - and that is for free!

Keep your core apps compliant and secure - made easier by orders of magnitude.

One-stop-shop of vendor updates for hundreds of the most widespread applications. Stay up to date and meet your regulatory compliance requirements without the need to track dozens of individual vendor websites and signing up for their newsletters anymore


Application patch management

No one can deny the need for patch management and its importance for companies across all industries. Suppose you don’t keep your applications current. In that case, you expose your users, your company and ultimately yourself to high cybersecurity risks. Apptimized supports your user’s productivity and reduces missing features, old data or incompatibilities with your infrastructure.

Application patch management

Automated update monitoring

The lack of time to crawl the information manually is a reality, plus it slows IT processes. Apptimized Updates automates crawling for application updates and security vulnerabilities and saves time by completely removing manual monitoring tasks.

Automated update monitoring
Updates' App List

The Apptimized Updates supplies you with an instant notification system that informs you when an application in your portfolio is updated by the vendor. You will also be aware of possible vulnerabilities that can impact your software infrastructure. We monitor hundreds of products and add new once all the time. You are able to choose which applications you want to monitor and view their current version status.

Using Apptimized Updates provides you with a fully automated notification system.


The following software is currently included in the Updates

Software Vendor
aBreevy8 16 Software
SyncBackFree 2BrightSparks
3DxWare 3Dconnexion
Work 8x8
Work for Outlook 8x8
Komodo Edit ActiveState
AIR Adobe
Acrobat Reader (Security Update) Adobe
Acrobat Reader DC Adobe
Acrobat Reader DC Font Packs Adobe
Digital Editions Adobe
Flash Player NPAPI Adobe
Flash Player PPAPI Adobe
PDF iFilter Adobe
Shockwave Player Adobe
JRE with Hotspot AdoptOpenJDK
OpenJDK 14 with Hotspot AdoptOpenJDK
Haufe Advolux Kanzleisoftware Advolux
Airtame Airtame
MissionKit Enterprise Altova
AWS SAM Command Line Interface Amazon
Corretto 11 Amazon
Corretto 17 Amazon
Corretto 18 Amazon
Corretto 19 Amazon
Corretto 20 Amazon
Corretto 21 Amazon
Corretto 8 Amazon
Kindle Amazon
Kindle Previewer Amazon
Workspace Client Amazon
Pointofix Amerigomedia
Anaconda2 Anaconda
Anaconda3 Anaconda
Angry IP Scanner Angry IP Scanner
JPEG Lossless Rotator AnnyStudio
HeidiSQL Ansgar Becker
WizTree Antibody Software
AnyDesk AnyDesk
Ant10 Apache
Ant9 Apache
Derby Apache
Directory Studio Apache
Maven Apache
Maven Alpha Apache
OpenOffice Apache
Qpid Broker J Apache
Tomcat 7 Apache
AirServer Universal App Dynamic
iPhone Configuration Utility Apple
iTunes Apple
PatchManagement Apptimized
Auto Dark Mode Armin Osaj and Samuel Schiegg
AstroGrep AstroComma
Companion Atlassian
Source Tree Atlassian
Atom Atom
ActivePresenter Atomi
Audacity Audacity
AutoHotkey AutoHotkey
AutoIT AutoIt Team
DWG TrueView Autodesk
Design Review Autodesk
Download Manager Autodesk
Navisworks Freedom Autodesk
Axcrypt Axcrypt
GitKraken Axosoft
Zulu OpenJDK11 Azul
Zulu OpenJDK13 Azul
Zulu OpenJDK15 Azul
Zulu OpenJDK17 Azul
Zulu OpenJDK19 Azul
Zulu OpenJDK20 Azul
Zulu OpenJDK6 Azul
Zulu OpenJDK7 Azul
Zulu OpenJDK8 Azul
Addin for Autodesk Navisworks BIM Track
Addin for Autodesk Revit BIM Track
Addin for Tekla Structures BIM Track
Bandicut Bandicam
Bandicam Bandicam.com
ClickShare Extension Pack Barco
Beeftext Beeftext
TeXstudio Benito van der Zander
PLEdit Benthic
Golden Benthic Software
Goldsqall Benthic Software
Goldview Benthic Software
BlueJ BlueJ
PIXresizer Bluefive software
Structorizer Bob Fisch
Artweaver Free Boris Eyrich
Box Drive Box
Box Sync Box
Box Tools Box
Box for Office Box
Vim Bram Moolenaar
BL Banking Business Logics
Open Workbench CA
CamStudio CamStudio Team
CDBurnerXP Canneverbe Limited
VOSviewer Centre for Science and Technology Studies, Leiden University
Workstation Chef
Bundled VDI Plugin Cisco
Cisco Jabber Cisco
JVDI Agent Cisco
JVDI Client Cisco
Proximity Cisco
WebEx Meetings Cisco
Webex VDI Thin-client Plugin Cisco
S4A Citilab
Receiver Citrix
Virtual Desktop Agent Citrix
Workspace Citrix
Clevershare Clevertouch
Clip2net Clip2net
ClipGrab ClipGrab Project
WARP Cloudflare
K-Lite Codec Pack Codec Guide
K-Lite Codec Pack Basic Codec Guide
K-Lite Codec Pack Mega Codec Guide
K-Lite Codec Pack Standard Codec Guide
ConEmu ConEmu-Maximus5
DebugBar Core Services
IETester Core Services
CoreFTP Client Lite CoreFTP
CoreFTP Client Pro CoreFTP
MindManager Corel
WinZip CorelCorporation
Zotero Corporation for Digital Scholarship
LockHunter Crystal Rich
KiTTY Cyril Dupont
DAX Studio DAX Studio
DBeaver DBeaver
FleetboardCockpit DaimlerFleetBoard
VirtViewer Daniel P. Berrangé
DbVisualizer DbVis
Command Update Classic Dell
Remote Desktop Manager Enterprise Devolutions
LMMS DigitalOcean
eID Middleware Dioss
Display Link Graphics Driver DisplayLink
Clipboard Manager Ditto
Docker for Windows Docker
LibreOffice Document Foundation
KeePass1 Dominik Reichl
KeePass2 Dominik Reichl
Notepad++ DonHo
Double Commander Double Commander
Drofus Drofus
Dropbox Dropbox
ImageGlass Duong Dieu Phap
Safe Exam Browser ETH Zuerich
Temurin JDK with Hotspot 11 Eclipse Adoptium
Temurin JDK with Hotspot 16 Eclipse Adoptium
Temurin JDK with Hotspot 17 Eclipse Adoptium
Temurin JDK with Hotspot 18 Eclipse Adoptium
Temurin JDK with Hotspot 19 Eclipse Adoptium
Temurin JDK with Hotspot 8 Eclipse Adoptium
Desktop App Egnyte
Virtual CloneDrive Elaborate Bytes
Elster Formular Elster
Java Decompiler GUI Emmanuel Dupuy
Enpass Enpass Technologies
WinmailOpener Eolsoft
Eraser Eraser Project
Evernote Evernote
Cloud Signature Update Agent Exclaimer
ffmpeg Fabrice Bellard
Advanced IP Scanner Famatech
Photo Resizer FastStone
FastStone Capture FastStone Soft
ProjectLibre Fenix Projektconsulting
Flameshot Flameshot
VSDCFreeVideoEditor FlashIntegro
PDF Reader Foxit
XnView G.Pierre-e
Jabra Direct GN Group
Octave GNU Octave
GOM Player GOMLab
PrintScreen Gadwin
PrintScreenPro Gadwin
Package Viewer Garden Gnome
BaseCamp Garmin
Express Garmin
GeoGebra Classic GeoGebra
Total Commander Ghisler
PeaZip Giorgio Tani
GitHub Desktop GitHub
Glance Glance Networks
GlassWire GlassWire
TightVNC GlavSoft
Android Studio Google
Backup and Sync Google
Chrome Google
Drive for Desktop Google
Earth Google
Go Google
Google Workspace Sync for Microsoft Outlook Google
Picasa Google
AusweisApp2 Governikus
Gpg4win Gpg4win
Graphviz Graphviz
Greenfoot Greenfoot
Greenshot Greenshot Team
Adobe AIR SDK HARMAN International
Adobe AIR runtime HARMAN International
HP Image Assisstant HP
HotPotatoes HalfBaked
DiskLED Helge Klein
Textpad Helios
UltraEdit IDM
VeraCrypt IDRIX
Simple One Stage CO2 Cycle IPU
IcedTeaWeb IcedTeaWeb
7-Zip Igor Pavlov
7-Zip DEU Igor Pavlov
ImageMagick ImageMagick Studio
Kodu Game Lab InfiniteInstant
InfraRecorder InfraRecorder.org
Inkscape Inkscape
Macro Express 5 Insight Software Solutions
Macro Express Pro Insight Software Solutions
Intel Driver and support assistant Intel
Able2Extract Investintech
IrfanView Irfan Skiljan
Security Components Isabel
IZArc Ivan Zahariev
Drawio Desktop JGraph
SprintPlus Jabbla
TreeSize Free Jam Software
PSPad Jan Fiala
GridVis Janitza
Jasp Jasp
GoLand JetBrains
IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate JetBrains
PhpStorm JetBrains
Pycharm Community JetBrains
dotTrace JetBrains
IntelliJ IDEA Community Edition Jetbrains
PyCharm Professional Jetbrains
WebStorm Jetbrains
SuperPutty Jim Radford
Kinovea Joan Charmant
FreeCAD Juergen Riegel
Freemind Jurg Muller
GCompris KDE
Analytics Platform KNIME
KLIC-viewer Kadaster
Meld Kai Willadsen
OpenWebStart Karakun
KeePassXC KeePassXC Team
TrackballWorks Kensington
KiCad KiCad
Insomnia Kong
Calibre Kovid Goyal
Krita Krita Foundation
Sumatra PDF Krzysztof Kowalczyk
ElsterFormular LFDThueringen
Joplin Laurent Cozic
Screenpresso Learnpulse
Education SPIKE Lego
NXT Lego
WeDo 2.0 Lego
LibreCAD LibreCAD
Analyzer LogTag
Analyzer LogTag
Logitech Presentation Logitech
Options Logitech
Lua Lua
CopyQ Lukas Holecek
M-Files 2018 M-Files
M-Files Online M-Files
mBlock Makeblock
MarcEdit MarcEdit
FreeCommander XE Marek Jasinski
VcXsrv Marha
WinSCP Martin Prikryl
Scratch 2 Offline Editor Massachusetts Institute Of Technology
MediaInfo MediaArea
Shotcut Meltytech
Reference Manager Mendeley
.NET 6.0 Desktop Runtime Microsoft
.NET Core Hosting Bundle 6 Microsoft
.NET Core Hosting Bundle 7 Microsoft
.NET Framework 4.7 Microsoft
.NET Framework 4.8 Microsoft
.NET SDK Microsoft
.Net Core Desktop Runtime Microsoft
Azure CLI Microsoft
Azure Cosmos DB Emulator Microsoft
Azure Data Studio Microsoft
Azure Information Protection Unified Labeling Client Microsoft
Azure Storage Explorer Microsoft
BGInfo Microsoft
Baseline Security Analyzer Microsoft
Dependency Agent Microsoft
Deployment Toolkit Microsoft
Dynamics 365 for Outlook Microsoft
Dynamics CRM 2016 for Outlook Microsoft
Edge Microsoft
EdgeWebView2Runtime Microsoft
ODBC Driver 18 for SQL Server Microsoft
OLEDBDriver19ForSQLServer Microsoft
Office 2016 Language Pack ENU Microsoft
Office Word Viewer Microsoft
OneDrive Microsoft
Power Automate Microsoft
Power BI Report Builder Microsoft
Power Query for Excel Microsoft
PowerBi Desktop Microsoft
PowerShell Microsoft
PowerToys Microsoft
RDCManager Microsoft
Remote Desktop Client Microsoft
Remote Help Microsoft
ReportViewer Microsoft
SQL Server 2012 Native Client Microsoft
SQL Server Management Studio Microsoft
SQL Server Management Studio 16 Microsoft
SQL Server Management Studio 17 Microsoft
SQL Server Management Studio 18 Microsoft
Silverlight Microsoft
Sysmon Microsoft
Teams Microsoft
Visio Compatibility Pack Microsoft
Visio Viewer Microsoft
Visio Viewer 2010 Microsoft
Visio Viewer 2013 Microsoft
Visual C++ 2005 Redistributable Package Microsoft
Visual C++ 2008 Redistributable Package Microsoft
Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package Microsoft
Visual C++ 2012 Redistributable Package Microsoft
Visual C++ 2013 Redistributable Package Microsoft
Visual C++ 2015-2022 Redistributable Package Microsoft
Visual J# Microsoft
Visual Studio 2010 Tools for Office Runtime Microsoft
Visual Studio Code Microsoft
XMLNotepad Microsoft
Yammer Microsoft
Mimecast for Outlook Mimecaster Central
Mocha TN3270 MochaSoft
Mocha TN3812 MochaSoft
Mocha TN5250 MochaSoft
Mocha Telnet MochaSoft
Compass MongoDB
Firefox Mozilla
Firefox DE Mozilla
Firefox ESR Mozilla
Firefox ESR DE Mozilla
SeaMonkey Mozilla
Thunderbird Mozilla
NSClient MySolutionsNORDIC
Iridium Browser NETitwork
NCPA Nagios
S3 Browser NetSDK Software
Infrastructure agent New Relic
mRemoteNG Next Generation Software
Nextcloud Nextcloud
Mu Editor Nicholas H.Tollervey
PDF Pro Nitro
NoMachine NoMachine
Node.js Node.js Foundation
Node.js LTS Node.js Foundation
Dependency Check OWASP
Obsidian Obsidian
folge Oleksii Sribnyi
Speedtest Ookla
OBS Studio Open Broadcaster Software
4K Video Downloader Open Media
Open-Shell Open-Shell
OpenLens OpenLens
OpenShot Video OpenShot
OpenVPN Connect OpenVPN
Opera Web Browser Opera
Instant Client Oracle
JDK (Java Development Kit) 11 Oracle
JDK (Java Development Kit) 17 Oracle
JDK (Java Development Kit) 20 Oracle
JDK (Java Development Kit) 21 Oracle
JDK (Java Development Kit) 8 Oracle
JRE (Java Runtime Environment) 6 Oracle
JRE (Java Runtime Environment) 7 Oracle
JRE (Java Runtime Environment) 8 Oracle
MySQL 8 Community Server Oracle
MySQL Connector ODBC Oracle
MySQL Workbench Oracle
ODAC 21c Oracle
VirtualBox6 Oracle
VirtualBox7 Oracle
PCF Software PCF
INTUS RemoteConf PCS Systemtechnik
Creo View Express PTC
Parallels Client Parallels International
TranslatorX PaulGiralt
PicPick PicPick
Pidgin Pidgin
CCleaner Piriform
Recuva Piriform
Hub Software Plantronics
Poll Everywhere Poll Everywhere
RealPresence Desktop Polycom
PGAdmin4 Postgre SQL Community
Postman Postman
Anyburn Free Power Software
Anyburn Pro Power Software
Puppet Puppet
Python-3 Python Software Foundation
Quarto Quarto
R for Windows R Core Team
RStudio RStudio Team
Rainmeter Rainmeter
ideaMaker Raise3D
RealVNC Server RealVNC
RealVNC Viewer RealVNC
USBEthernetController Realtek
ReluxDesktop Relux Informatik
RingCentral RingCentral
Snapform Viewer Ringler Informatik
RVTools Robware
Studio SQLite
Iron SRWare
sbt Scala Center
Beyond Compare 4 Scooter
BarTender Seagull Scientific
SSL VPN Client Securepoint
ShareX ShareX
GoodSync Siber Systems
Signal Signal
Visual Analyser Sillanumsoft
Programmers Notepad Simon Steele
PuTTY SimonTatham
Skype Skype Technologies
Slack Slack Technologies
Slic3r Slic3r
ReadyAPI SmartBear
SmartFTP x64 SmartSoft
SmartFTP x86 SmartSoft
Network Scanner SoftPerfect
LDAP Administrator Softerra
LDAP Browser Softerra
doPDF Softland
FreePDF Softmaker
FreePDF DE Softmaker
ARIS Express Software AG
NetExtender Sonicwall
Entreprise Architect Sparx
Spotify Spotify
Spyder Spyder Project
RationalPlan Viewer Stand By Soft
MOOSProjectViewer StandBySoft
MOOSProjectViewerLight StandBySoft
grepWin Stefans Tools
Stellarium Stellarium
Perl Strawberry
Sublime Text 3 Sublime Team
Sublime Text 4 Sublime Team
Syncplicity Syncplicity
Junction Sysinternals
Business Connect Phone TELUS
Bulk Rename Utility TGRMN Software
App-V Manage TMurgent Technologies
Colour Contrast Analyser TPGi
Desktop Tableau
Reader Tableau
Tableau Public Tableau
Tailscale Tailscale
TeXnicCenter TeXnicCenter Team
TeamViewer TeamViewer
TeamViewer Host TeamViewer
TeamViewer QS TeamViewer
JumpToWindows TechHit
Snagit TechSmith
Camtasia Studio TechSmith Corporation
One X Telenor
Qidian Tencent
TIM Tencent
TencentMeeting Tencent
QQ Tencent Technology
WeChat Tencent, Inc
Terminals Terminals-Origin
TSPrint Client Terminalworks
TSPrint Server Terminalworks
ComfortSoftwareBasic Testo
ComfortSoftwareBasic DE Testo
TI-Admin Texas Instruments
TI-SmartView for the TI-84 Plus Family Texas Instruments
TextExpander TextExpander
Tftpd64 Tftpd64
SafeNetAuthenticationClient Thales
Git The Git Development Community
HandBrake The HandBrake Team
Jamovi The Jamovi Project
Scribus The Scribus Team
WinMerge DE Thingamahoochie
Winmerge Thingamahoochie
Thonny Thonny
FileZilla Tim Kosse
FileZilla Server Tim Kosse
ghostwriter Toolsandmore
SVN Tortoise
TortoiseGit TortoiseGit
PDF-XChange Tracker Software Products
PDFXChangeViewer TrackerSoftwareProducts
RINEX Converter Trimble
SketchUp Viewer Trimble
SketchUp Trimble Navigation
Player Tulip
Tux Paint Tux Paint
Authy Desktop Twilio
Cura Ultimaker
UltraVNC Viewer UltraVNC
Unity Unity Technologies
Untis Untis
Cinema4D VMaxon
Horizon Client VMware
VMware vSphere PowerCLI VMware
PDFsam Basic Vacondio
BlueJeans Verizon
Logger Lite Vernier
saml2aws Versent
Master Veyon
VLC media player VideoLAN
Visual Paradigm Visual Paradigm
Vivaldi Vivaldi
Vrex Viewer Vixel
SQLyog Community Webyog Softworks
MuseScore Werner Schweer and Others
Wire Wire
Wireshark Wireshark
Charles XK72
XMind XMind
Nexusfont Xiles
Client AD Xink
XnConvert XnSoft
Yabe Yabe
Yealink USB Connect Yealink
Linkus Yeastar
YubiKey Manager Yubico
Zimbra Desktop Zimbra
WorkDrive TrueSync Zoho
Client for Meetings Zoom
Plugin for Vmware Horizon Client Zoom
Plugin for WVD/AVD Zoom
Zoom Plugin for VDI Zoom
ZAC Zultys
Etcher balena
hrping cfosSoftware
Royal TS code4ward
Todoist doist
Paint.NET dotPDN
eLearning eXe Project
PDF24 Creator geek software
Converter iMazing
InstEd instedit.com
Cyberduck iterate GmbH
LosslessCut mifi
Client ownCloud
PDFCreator Free pdfforge
UltraMon realtimesoft
scrcpy rom1V
sellyApps sellysolutions
Tabular Editor sqlbi
Everything voidtools
Total supported applications: 923

Constant updates flow

Stay free from manual and tedious work that consumes time and effort. Apptimized monitors hundreds of the most widely used products, adding new ones all the time and giving you the ability to be constantly aware of any updates, vulnerabilities and patches related to the applications in your portfolio.

Constant updates flow

Stay informed about the latest versions of the world’s most widespread applications.

Automatic notifications on new versions and access to downloadable vendor media for most applications from a single central repository.

No manual work
No manual work

Automatic notifications on new versions and access to downloadable vendor media for most applications from a single central repository. Apptimized allows you to rely on automated updates and vulnerabilities monitoring to ensure that no vendor release remains overlooked or undiscovered.

Manage updates
Manage updates

Gain full control over updates and patches for the chosen applications with the centralized management capability. Monitor only applications you need, reducing unnecessary information and aligning with changing requirements.


The information about applications that matter to your business is aggregated from hundreds of quality sources. Only official and original vendor media included for most applications will be available.

One source
One source

Updates continually analyze multiple sources of industry data and automatically sends notifications when vendors of your applications have released updates or patches.

Nothing extra
Nothing extra

No extra actions, third-party tools, or applying additional prerequisites (scripts, apps, credentials, etc.) to the existing IT environment.

Vulnerability detection
Vulnerability detection

Updates allows to have the automatically sent notifications about application vulnerabilities and reduce security risks of viruses getting into your company's computers.

Notification control
Notification control

Assign notifications of new releases to application owners or those responsible for monitoring not to be overwhelmed with notifications for applications not in your estate.


Version status

Save your application in the Apptimized portfolio and be informed about the current version status. Receive update notifications and decide on the way forward – update your software or skip that version.

Evergreen solution

Seamless integration with other Apptimized Evergreen solutions for holistic application portfolio and application lifecycle management, including Packaging.

No costs

Using Apptimized Updates allows you receive update notifications, choose which applications you want to monitor, and view their current version status – free of charge!

Collected apps

The ability to add updated apps directly to your centralized portfolio. Have a holistic view of the estate and choose the specific app’s name to be continuously informed on the app condition.


List of applications to be monitored with color-coded information on the version status, collected in one software portfolio, and filtered according to your preferences.

Download capabilities

Updates provide you with not only the information but also installation medium for many applications.