Apptimized certified ‘Hacker Proof’ in Release 5.6

Apptimized hacker proof

Hot on the heels of release 5.5 comes Apptimized 5.6 with major enhancements to the systems’s security.

Download the latest release notes here: Apptimized_5.6_Release_Notes_062017

Security is of paramount importance and to underline this Apptimized has been certified ‘Hacker Proof’ by Comodo, the industry leading cybersecurity consultancy, and carries the Hacker Proof logo.

Further improvements in version 5.6 includes the ability to apply more than one transform to an MSI in the MSI editing suite, and simplified status reporting.

It’s now also possible to see a simple view of application volumes completed in a given period.

For more information, contact us here or give us a call on +44 (0) 1184 050044

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