Streamlining Application Lifecycle and Documentation with Apptimized Discovery

Automate Your Installation Documentation with Apptimized Discovery 

In enterprise software deployment, thorough installation and configuration documentation plays a critical role in ensuring a smooth rollout. Whether it’s third-party applications or internal developments, meticulous documentation is vital for seamless integration within large enterprises as well as for staying compliant with regulatory requirements. The challenge lies in tailoring Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) applications to specific business needs, often requiring extensive customization and integration into existing infrastructure and business processes. The higher the level of customization, the higher the importance of gapless end-to-end documentation. 
Enter Apptimized Discovery – the tool that alleviates the burden of manual work and revolutionizes the way you handle application installation and configuration requirements. 

The Essence of Discovery Documents 

Discovery documents are known to the industry by various names – installation (and configuration) instructions, install manuals, intake forms or package request forms

Essentially, they are the result of collecting application-specific and company-specific installation and configuration requirements, streamlining the adoption of software by the company’s IT department and business users. When preparing for software rollout, it is essential to describe how the application should be installed and configured – either to ensure consistent manual installations of the software, or to define packaging requirements to prepare for automated installs. Creating an installation document is the most effective way to describe all the nuances of application installation requirements. This document acts as a technical specification for application owning professionals, helping them to support applications according to specific preferences and with safe record-keeping. It also serves as the requirements document for application packaging. 

The Importance of Installation Documentation 

An installation document is indispensable for executing the installation precisely as the package intends to install. It defines the technical specifications, components, and requirements of the package.  

Packaging professionals use this documentation to ensure that the applications are packaged in alignment with the desired preferences and needs. 

Apptimized Discovery: Redefining Installation Documentation 

Apptimized offers an ingenious solution by providing the ecosystem for creating a comprehensive Discovery document with minimum effort and complexity. The process begins with uploading a source media file, running a virtual machine with it, where the application discovery process begins. With Apptimized’s automated recording feature, every action during the Discovery phase is captured as a screenshot, including text inputs, interactions with the program interface, and UI elements, all compiled into a well-structured and great looking document. 

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Harnessing the Power of Apptimized Discovery 

Let’s explore how Apptimized makes the creation of discovery documents a breeze: 

  1. Effortless Discovery Environment: Apptimized’s cloud-based Discovery environment makes it easy for business users to take part in IT processes, saving IT resources and costs for business support and unnecessary rework. The automated process streamlines previously cumbersome expert work, allowing for instant involvement, improved quality and more efficient scaling. 
  2. User-Friendly Experience: Users record a step-by-step guide to install and configure applications on Apptimized VMs. Every step is automatically captured as screenshots and accompanied by verbal descriptions. Users can edit and customize the document online, ensuring it aligns perfectly with their needs. Once the first recording is made, it is even possible to reuse that information in future iterations. 
  3. Seamless Collaboration Tools: Apptimized facilitates decentralized or remote discovery approaches by providing the necessary collaboration tools over the Internet. Teams can seamlessly integrate the required virtual discovery environment into their workflow. 
  4. Custom Templates: With Apptimized, users have the flexibility to create custom templates for their documents to align them with their corporate identity and desired structure.

Apptimized Discovery is a game-changer in the world of application ownership and documentation. By automating the recording of installation and configuration procedures, Apptimized eliminates manual work and enhances collaboration. Embrace the power of Apptimized Discovery and unlock a new level of efficiency and precision in the way you manage the application lifecycle. Experience seamless integration, effortless documentation, and unmatched ease-of-use with Apptimized Discovery today! 

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