End-to-end application lifecycle management in the cloud: Apptimized Evergreen Platform

application lifecycle management

Application packaging has become a vital part of the company’s daily routine to manage the continuously growing software volumes and expanding IT infrastructures. Considering the application packaging process from the perspective of the packaging experts, we can say that the bulk of activities usually involve working on routine, time-consuming tasks. As a result, valuable resources redirect from solving any complex issues to ensure routine packaging activities. Additionally, to set the packaging process effectively, the packaging experts are forced to use many additional tools and services. These usually have different localization and various prerequisites considerations.

The challenge we oppos: application management for businesses

Apptimized, as the industry-leading provider of application management services and application logistics, has long been aware of the need to create an environment with automation and centralization of packaging tasks enabled.

Using over 15 years of experience providing world-class application packaging services to customers of all sizes, Apptimized has designed a cloud-based solution to host multiple products and solutions in one place.

What is the Apptimized Platform?

Apptimized Platform is the cloud-based solution that serves as a centralized platform for services and tools with predefined workflows and software that automates the application packaging process. It is providing both Apptimized and platform users the ability to deliver high-quality application packaging.

The platform is based on the Evergreen concept, which means that Apptimized aims to keep applications constantly up-to-date on every step of the lifecycle. Everything is organized in projects in the platform that flow through the iterative Inform – Test – Fix – Run process.

Apptimized Platform changes the way from extensive manual effort to almost no effort through automation. It is based on an evergreen approach that aims to modernize the application delivery framework: from traditional one-off migrations and weary daily business processes to continuously deployed upgrades.

Apptimized Platform’s new productivity features help manage continually growing cybersecurity and infrastructure threats by deploying high quality and timely updates.

Apptimized Platform key features: from application updates & packaging to app deployment

The Apptimized Platform value comes from the synergy of its features and the ability to integrate with the external environment, implement new technologies, and adapt to the changing industry conditions.

All these features serve to solve complex problems connected with application packaging, testing, and deployment. The critical point of using Apptimized Platform is to do these processes and accomplish high-quality results in one place and, consequently, save on valuable resources like time and money.

What benefits Apptimized Platform can bring to you?

  • It assimilates with operational needs and delivery model. The Apptimized Platform is self-service, making it part of your delivery model. You can build your services around the platform to best suit your delivery model and the operational needs.
  • Evergreen IT. The Apptimized Platform enables you to manage software assets in the framework of the Evergreen concept.
  • White label services. The Apptimized Platform can be white-labeled even down to the URL and becomes part of your branded solutions with Apptimized technical expert support.
  • It integrates with your environment and processes. The Apptimized Platform can be integrated with your environment and processes, providing you with adaptability and competitive advantage.
  • Its continuous platform upgrade and improvements. Apptimized has a development team to continuously improve the platform by adding new features and implementing new technologies.

Customizable reports for your application packages

Working with lots of data might lead to the need to adjust it in the desired format. Having data customizable helps businesses stand out and streamline the information according to their requirements and preferences.

Apptimized platform is supplied with the functionality to create customizable reports that can be carried out in tables, charts, or schemes presented as separate widgets in your project. The number of new widgets is unlimited.

To make the report look structured and organized, you can add the preferable conditions, for example, filter applications by software, vendor, and version.

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