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Apptimized are pleased to announce the launch of Apptimized Proof, a unique application install capture capability which removes all the manual overhead from the constant retesting that’s needed to stay on top of Windows updates.


Apptimized Proof records how an application is installed on the target platform, and then automatically replays that recording, unattended, when the platform is updated to ensure that the packaged application installs on the new platform as required.

Apptimized CTO Mathias Baumann: “Apptimized Proof makes testing large applications estates very quick and very easy. It’s now possible to capture once and replay and restest over and over again without any input required from the end user.

It’s easy and fast!

“With Windows updates now making critical application testing an ongoing activity rather than a once-every-five-years migration effort, it’s important that testing becomes a low cost, scalable and repeatable activity.”

Like all Apptimized’s services, Apptimized Proof is available on our industry leading cloud-based infrastructure. Customers have no need to invest in hardware or software or specialist resource and can be up and running in minutes.

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For a demonstration of Apptimized Proof, or for more information, contact us here or call us on + 44 (0) 118 405 0044 or +1 425 748 5017.

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