Integration / DevOps Engineer

We are looking for a Integration / DevOps Engineer who has experience designing, building and deploying infrastructures system using containers, microservices and other next generation tools and services. As we are rapidly growing, this role is very important and will have a major impact in the future of our software systems.

Project description

Apptimized provides an on-premise installations of its application Life Cycle Management platform into the remote customer environment.

Platform is a combination of micro-services and assisting components running inside Docker containers and spanned up onto the bare Ubuntu / RHEL Linux environments in a hosted Docker Swarm / Kubernetes cluster.

The main goal of the project is to perform the initial configuration of the provided hardware capacities and roll-out the application into the installed orchestration solution.

Another important part of the project is an integration into the customer environment systems such as SCCM, Hyper-V, Intune via the in-house created connectors, creating basic OS images by the instruction and finding a workaround for network & security limitations etc.

Required skills

  1. Strong background in Linux administration.
  2. Strong experience with Docker.
  3. Experience with Swarm or K8S.
  4. Experience in creating Swarm / K8S clusters from scratch on the bare Ubuntu / RHEL Linux.
  5. Experience in deploying and configuring distributed solutions.
  6. At least upper-intermediate English level.
  7. Basic Microsoft Windows administrations skills.
  8. Basic networking skills.
  9. Basic security principles understanding.
  10. Basic understanding and management skills of SSL / HTTP encryption for nginx.
  11. Be able to provide advice and leadership on issues such as infrastructure transformation, centralized monitoring, operational alarms, and alerts.
  12. Be proactive, participate in the decision-making process, influence technology stack, take ownership of the result.
  13. Upper-intermediate verbal and written English communication skills.

Preferred skills

  1. Hyper-V basic management skills.
  2. Troubleshooting / debugging skills.
  3. Familiarity with SCCM / Intune.
  4. Basic knowledge of .NET / C#.
  5. Experience with high-performance solutions and efficient scaling.
  6. Experience with Azure cloud is a plus.


  1. Install, release and upgrade services to Staging and Production.
  2. Ensure high availability and fault tolerance of services in production.
  3. Work in close contact with team members and project stakeholders on customer’s site and remotely.
  4. Working with the Software Development Team during the integration process.
  5. Working with the IT Infrastructure team on the creation of local and cloud environments.
  6. Ensuring production environments created are fit for purpose and scalable as demand grows.
  7. Documenting all changes and infrastructure / architecture setups.
  8. Training IT Infrastructure teams on processes and best practices for the system management.
  9. Handle Production problems and incidents.

You can count on

  1. The opportunity to develop every day professional competencies and gain a unique experience.
  2. Migration to EU. Company has offices in UK, Poland and Germany.
  3. Competitive compensation and discretionary bonus (focused on business results).
  4. Interesting and complex tasks.
  5. Corporate training.
  6. Medical insurance category B with advanced services.
  7. Paid vacation and sick leave.
  8. Friendly atmosphere.
  9. No dress codes.
  10. Flexible work schedule.
  11. The convenient location of the office.
  12. Remote job with weekly meetings is totally welcomed.

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