Keep your application software instantly updated with Apptimized Catalogue

Considering the continuous advancements and evolutions of the IT industry, it is undeniable that the maintenance of application software in an “up-to-date” state is becoming the backbone of any company’s everyday routine.

Poor application software update management affects not only your company’s security status but can cause a decrease in productivity, system downtime, and an increase in cost. Keeping your third-party application portfolio updated instantly is just as important as keeping your operating system updated.

Fortunately, Apptimized has a solution that can help you stay secure and compliant with pre-packaged and pre-tested application packages. Apptimized Catalogue is a truly turn-key solution that meets your requirements. Deploying new versions, updates, and patches has become quicker than ever before. Apptimized provides you with an efficient and reliable solution for application packaging on-demand.

Application package store 

Apptimized Catalogue provides instant access to the application package store with the very latest versions of the world’s most widespread applications. All pre-packaged according to Apptimized’s high-quality standards and are ready to deploy. 

Fully cloud-based & zero risk 

Apptimized Catalogue is a cost-effective cloud-based solution to keep your application software up-to-date even if you don’t have any application packaging experience.  

Hosted on Microsoft Azure, Apptimized puts the security of its systems and customer data at the core of the business. 

Best practice-based pre-packaged application

Apptimized has over 15 years of experience in software packaging, applying best practices to the packaging process. Minimizing the risk of installing malicious applications with our ready to deploy packages and providing you with an automated software deployment across your company devices.  


Enabling the Catalogue option in your Apptimized project gives you access to a wide range of packaged updates from dozens of vendors. And the list of available Catalogue packages is continually being expanded.  

Apptimized can support you regardless of the volumes: we provide services to businesses that need a couple of packages a month, and we also support multinational enterprises. 

Easy to implement application packages

With minimum contribution required from you to obtain packaged new versions, updates, and patches for immediate deployment from a central repository. 

Service and support 

Apptimized Catalogue contains application packages in the most commonly used formats such as MSI, MSIX, Intunewin, App-V, and Legacy Setups.  

The latest application versions available for orders within 24 hours release of the update by the vendor, and ready for download within 48 hours after your request.  

Apptimized guarantees to give you the highest standard customer service, support, and care. As part of quality assurance, Apptimized carries out extensive testing on the packages created. 

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