ZHAW endorses Apptimized service

Customer ZHAW Success Stories and feedback of cloud-based Application Packaging Tool

“Apptimized delivers high quality solutions”

Apptimized has received a ringing endorsement from its customer, ZHAW, who have been using the Apptimized cloud-based Application Packaging Service and cloud-based Application Packaging Tool since May 2016.

The Customer

ZHAW – The Zurich University of Applied Science.

The Zurich University of Applied Sciences is located in the city of Winterthur, with facilities in Zurich and Wädenswil, is one of the largest University of Applied Sciences in Switzerland and is part of the Zürcher Fachhochschule.

Currently, the university has eight schools, covering architecture and civil engineering, health, linguistics, life sciences and facility management, applied psychology, social work, engineering and management and law.

The Requirement: automated application packages

The creation of fully automated application packages for unattended deployment via Microsoft InTune in support of ZHAW’s Business-as-Usual Activities.

The Solution: application packaging outsourcing

Apptimized have been engaged by ZHAW since May 2016, delivering over 100 application packages via the cloud-based Application Packaging Service. ZHAW in-house engineers also utilize the cloud-based Apptimized Application Packaging Tool to create their own packages.

Due to the technical nature of Microsoft InTune, Apptimzed were tasked with taking even complex applications and creating single package installs, with each package having to contain all pre-requisites.

Apptimized COO Michael Schickaneder explains: “The entire installation process must be mapped to a single MSI file. This can cause problems because the Windows Installer service only allows execution of a single execute sequence at a time.

“We therefore developed a solution that solves this problem and thus removes the limitations of InTune making it possible to package and install difficult and complex applications such as SPSS.”

What the customer says: ZHAW have endorsed the work that Apptimized have completed for them, saying:

For many years now, we have been extremely pleased with the overall offering from Apptimized. Apptimized delivers high quality solutions efficiently, combining an excellent service with a great price.
Rolf Fritzmann
Head of Platform Management & System Integration, ZHAW

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