Windows 10 application testing from manual to fully automated with the help of cloud-based solution – Proof

Apptimized Proof - test automation platform

Application testing is a necessary and basic component for companies producing ISV (Independent Software Vendor) as well as companies who are the users of these applications. Incorrect operation of a single application or its incompatibility with other applications can lead to products or Windows platforms to fall over and lead to non-productive systems.

Manual application or packaging cloud-based testing

Under Proof, Apptimized proposes to proceed with a manual test as a first step and make it automated for future updates. For this simply login to our cloud-based solution, choose an appropriate platform from different versions of Windows and start your Virtual machine. 

Prepared virtual machines are ready for the test environment, available to you 24/7, with no integration into your system. Connect to our system where you can conduct parallel testing on various OS. If you have previously or currently worked with Azure Virtual Machines, no need to change your processes. Apptimized can be configured in order to integrate them and allow to run additional tests on them if necessary.

Recording options allow you to record the results of the process and generate them in one document, so the results of the test will be available for editing and downloading in a convenient format for you.

Automated application or packaging testing process

To automate application or package testing, all you need is to record a new test case or choose the result of your manual testing. As a next step, upload a new version of the application which you want to test or select a different platform if you’re going to proceed with multiple platforms testing. Proof allows you to check your portfolio readiness for migration to the new version of Windows 10 without the need for additional knowledge and skills in this area.

Compare the expected behavior of the application within the new platform with its actual behavior in the test session results page. It allows you to check the original test case, which is the basis for the creation of subsequent cases. The test session page provides detailed information about the testing environment: time, platform, project description, and an overview of the software tested. 

Test results provided by the following information:

  • Screenshot comparison with the Expected behavior of the application the same as recorded while manual testing with the Actual screenshots with the outcome of Proof autotest. 
  • Echo logs describe step by step actions, while the playback test scenario checks how the process goes and shows all information, warnings, and errors which have appeared.
  • Windows Logs describe the Windows system information to check application incompatibility if detected during the test.

Once the results of your Test Scenario are analyzed, and you are in receipt of a fail result, Proof proposes different remediation option, depending on how you wish to resolve the issue: you could repackage the application via our application packaging tool – Workspace or create a Factory request. In cases where remediation has not been possible Apptimized can assist you with raising an App Assure service request.

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