Apptimized July Release Notes

Apptimized July Release Notes

Release Notes is our monthly update that highlights recent product improvements we’ve made so you can easily stay up to date on what’s new. 

The highest priority in July are the improvements to Apptimized Proof – Windows 10 migration and simplified application test compatibility solution. Within these 10 Echo issues have been implemented of which the most significant are: 

Check Proof testing results via platform

Proof results page is now available for each platform you perform your package or application test. Now, application compatibility performance is available, not only for a single application but for selected platforms too.  

Apptimized Evergreen application compatibility perfomance

This will give an understanding of the compatibility of all your applications on a particular platform, and therefore your readiness to migrate packages to it. 

New icons of the application automated test results

 The number of the Windows platforms which are available for testing is growing every day since we are adding them in the first 24 hours after public release. Thus, Windows Insider Build (18362) is also added as a new web testing platform. For simplification, we’ve replaced the status names with easy to read icons. 

Apptimized Evergreen - Windows 10 migration status

Accessibility and interaction with steps deliverables

 Now there are two options of the timeline available: workflow and files. In “Files” view links to downloadable documents and sources are displayed. In “Workflow” view monitor each step in the workflow. 

Apptimized application packaging workflow

Proof Playback mode selector in Settings 

As soon as a new Windows platform or an Insider build becomes available in Apptimized for testing packages or applications, it is up to you to choose whether to test all applications within the project or select those you wish to include in the new version tests.  There are now 3 options to manage events: 

Evergreen automated test playback options

Thus, once configured in the settings playback Proof mode, all applications can be automatically tested on a new platform or with a choice of individual applications. 

Also, we are pleased to introduce the release of VSL – new application packaging format, which is available under Workspace – application packaging tool. VSL works as a separate format for software packaging, and in conjunction with existing .msi, app-v, .msix formats to overcome any possible shortcomings. 

Full details of the release are available here: link 

For further information, please contact us here or call us on +44 (0)1184 050044  

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