A complex approach to Windows 10 migration with the help of Apptimized on-site application packaging consultants

On-site app packaging experts

The Customer

Luzerner Kantonsspital (LUKS) consists of the Central hospital of Lucerne, two primary care hospitals Sursee and Wolhusen, and Lucerne altitude clinic, Montana. LUKS is the largest central hospital in Switzerland; its clinics and institutes provide medical services of the highest quality. In Luzerner Kantonsspital, more than 7,000 employees care for the well-being of patients around the clock. It supplies a catchment area of around 700,000 patients, with 850 acute beds.

The LUKS has a large number of Windows clients on which a high number of software products are installed with high frequency. These products include client applications, applications with client and server components and drivers, as well as operating systems and their components, including initial installations and regular or time-critical security updates.

The Goal: Windows 10 migration

As part of Windows 7 to Windows 10 migration, LUKS intended to assign services in the field of software packaging to a specialized service provider.

During migration, in the region of 170 applications were prepared and created for later operation—the packages predominantly created via application virtualization with Microsoft App-V. In exceptional cases, using MSI technology.

The existing installation routines of LUKS served as the basis for the packaging.

These were based on the following technologies:

  • Manufacturer MSI packages + transformation files
  • Legacy manufacturer Setups with KiX scripts
  • AutoIT-based packages

The software packages themselves were to be created remotely on the customer’s infrastructure.

The implementation by Apptimized

At Apptimized, collaboration always begins with mobilization. It offers the optimal approach to obtain the greatest possible benefit of Apptimized’s more than 16 years of experience. Through mobilization, Apptimized can create production-ready packages in a short time. As part of the mobilization, future processes, responsibilities, and LUKS technical requirements are discussed.

This phase served as the basis for future cooperation and consisted mainly of the following thematic areas:

  • Application of the Luks Packaging Directive
  • Application of the Luks documentation template for the packages
  • Compatibility check for Virtualizability before the actual packaging by the Apptimized Engineers
  • Access to the customer infrastructure via RDP for named Engineers
  • Software packaging and sequencing in the customer environment
  • Quality assurance of delivered packages within the customer environment
  • Delivery of the successfully tested packages to LUKS for integration into the deployment tools

An on-site packaging consultant coordinated with the customer and took over various process step. The consultant took over the following topics, partly or entirely:

  • Creation of installation instructions
  • Ordering and coordination of remote packaging orders
  • Single point of contact for the customer
  • Coordination of finished packages acceptance

Following the initial discussions, the agreed topics were implemented immediately. In the course of the entire project phase of approximately 12 months, a total of 178 software packages were successfully packaged and transferred to production. An above-average virtualization rate of 96% was achieved.

More than 99% of the delivered packages were delivered to LUKS without errors and within the agreed SLA. LUKS was thus able to save internal packaging resources for the Windows 10 Rollout through the project use of Apptimized services.


The complex IT landscape of LUKS made it necessary to commission an experienced and competent service provider in application logistics for the implementation. Apptimized was the ideal partner to deal with the complex requirements of the packages.

Yves Korner, head of End-User Computing at LUKS, emphasized the professional and fast implementation of the specific requirements. In particular, high package quality was essential to LUKS, and it was outstanding with more than 99% error-free packages.

LUKS would like to thank all project participants of Apptimized for outstanding support during the project period.

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