Apptimized Workspace – application packaging tool for creating and editing your packages is now available on ComponentSource

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We are incredibly proud to announce that Apptimized Workspace, a software packaging tool, is now available on ComponentSource – the definitive source of software components and tools. 

ComponentSource is a widely used platform that offers a single source of software products, supplying developers and IT pros all over the world with the latest IT solutions. As one of the most popular global resellers, ComponentSource carries out all the sales processes through their eCommerce Web Site that contains over 10,000 SKUs from 200+ publishers.  

Apptimized is proud to be part of the ComponentSource partner network, with Workspace being available from May 2020. 

Apptimized values every partnership as it allows us to raise awareness of our cloud capabilities and functionality. By partnering with ComponentSource we can bring tried and tested cloud tools directly to the professionals who need them. Some of the advantages this partnership brings are: 

  • An opportunity to purchase Apptimized solutions on one of the world’s most recognised platforms. 
  • Simultaneous support from both sides 24 hours a day, Monday to Friday. Help is available through live chats, emails and calls with Customer Service teams. 
  • Strict security of your data. You don’t need to worry about privacy as both, Apptimized and ComponentSource, follow strict policies to keep your data safe in accordance with the latest Data and Privacy Regulations 

With Apptimized Workspace, a cloud-based application packaging tool, becoming part of the ComponentSource software collection, in Cloud Services category, it makes purchasing easier. 

Try Free 30-days trial of Apptimized Workspace – application packaging environment >>>

Workspace is an application packaging tool that can be implemented for generating discovery documents for your applications as well as (re-) packaging and testing activities all in your browser. Apptimized Workspace performs all engine actions needed for your application packaging processes while helping your technical team to minimize effort when doing monotonous actions allowing them to spend time more efficiently solving business-critical and complex tasks.

Key features of Workspace as an software packaging tool: 

  • Packaging tool in the cloud. You don’t need to set up a special environment, or to use VPN’s for on-premise licenses for organizing app packaging processes. Apptimized provides you with a fully cloud-based packaging solution.
  • The most common packaging formats. Create and edit MSI, APP-V, MSIX, VSL and Intunewin packages in one step.

  • Integration into your environment. As a cloud solution, Workspace can be easily integrated into your workflow system via API for optimizing your application packaging processes. You are also able to upload ready-made packages from Apptimized directly to Intune or SCCM.
  • Secure. As a core of our business, Apptimized cares about the security of customer data. It is hosted on Microsoft Azure, keeping your information safe and giving you peace of mind.
  • 24/5 support. As part of the service, our packaging experts are on hand 24/5 via live chat in the portal at no extra cost.
  • Best practices for app packaging. Workspace is designed to be intuitive and easy to use, so no matter what experience you have, you can create high-quality results without specific knowledge of software packaging.

Find Apptimized Workspace on ComponentSource here 

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