Microsoft, partners and Apptimized; the tale of being IP Co-Sell ready

Microsoft, partners and Apptimized

Microsoft has many partner programs some have been around for a while and then there are the new kids on the block. The Microsoft IP Co-Sell program has been around for about three years now and in that time generated over $9 billion revenue to the partners.

What does that mean to Apptimized? As an ISV (Independent Software Vendor) we have taken the Apptimized solutions through the Microsoft hoops and come out of the other side with many of the Apptimized offerings IP Co-Sell ready. For our direct customers, this will reassure them that by being part of the Microsoft program, Apptimized has been through the rigorous checks and meeting their strict criteria.

For our partners, the Co-Sell program enables partners to work directly with Microsoft on joint selling opportunities. Giving you a much greater reach of customers to add to your existing pipeline and help accelerate growth.

With Apptimized Tools now part of the IP Co-Sell program it now makes it a much more attractive proposition to Microsoft sellers who are rewarded for selling partner solutions.

The Apptimized solutions manage the logistics of your applications in one easy to use dashboard, where your workflow manages tasks; from re-packaging apps, checking vendor updates and testing in the Apptimized Evergreen module ensuring your applications remain secure and compatible. For your personalised demo get in touch.

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