Preparedness for COVID19 (Coronavirus)

Apptimized and Revacom have:

  • Eliminated all non-critical business travel worldwide. Business-critical travel means only travel that is time-sensitive and could have a material impact from a financial, reputational, or operational perspective.
  • Encouraged or mandated work-from-home procedures for employees in effected or high-risk areas.
  • By design, maintained cloud operations and distributed/ remote customer support services to support remote working, management, and administration, workload transfer to other secure locations.
  • Canceled participation in large industry events and other gatherings through the end of March.

We continue to evaluate the need to extend this policy. With regards to our remote packaging services, we see no effect to our ability to provide our services within the agreed SLAs, and have confirmed adequate capacity and technology in place for staff to work remotely at scale, should Revacom / Apptimized engineers be constrained to work from home.

As those services are location-agnostic and were built with geographic diversity being a consideration, client experience will remain identical in case of business continuity measures being put into effect.

Actions you can take:

  • Follow a similar program to the above ensuring consideration for your systems, people and work locations.
  • If your organization is looking to accelerate its move to cloud-based application packaging, evergreen and logistics, or requires cloud-based virtual desktops which facilitates remote work, overview information can be found here.

If you do have an increase in local work, consider our Factory as an overflow.

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