White label option for best application logistic solution with Apptimized

Apptimized application packaging & logistic white label

Apptimized is open to partnerships, that`s why for our resellers we offer the White Label service.  

Do you have customers for software packaging or testing applications with a need to determine their compatibility? Then the Apptimized white labeling option will help you to provide your customers with this information, without having to create their own solution from scratch. 

Apptimized White labeling is a way to “rent” ready-to-used solutions that are in demand in the market which you can customize to sell them under your own brand name. Using this option, you will completely remove any mention of the development company, completely modifying the final product to look like your own. Customization of the dashboard in Apptimized is divided into 2 blocks: the visual component and the security. 

How Apptimized White Label Solution Works in Practice? 

After project registration, you get access to the White Labeling settings (see scheme)

Apptimized application logistic whitelabeling

Apply your branding 

Add your branded link, which will lead your customers to our dashboard without any redirection in the URL field. Use advanced login features with Microsoft or LinkedIn accounts. 

Support your customers 

Each step of the project, regardless of Solution, is carefully documented and displayed at the top of the dashboard. However, you can download a link to your documentation to enable customers to learn more about the tools.  Also, Apptimized 24/5 support live chat for customers; but this option can be hidden, if required. 

Forget about typical step names 

Choose the names of the steps that are most convenient for you or your customers. No longer needing to use familiar Discovery step for documenting your packaging request, Packaging step for Application packaging tool with the ability to use MSIX converter or Application packaging service or Testing step to proceed with tests and create testing documentation. 

Apptimized whitelabeling for msi packaging tool

Customized your dashboard 

Choose colors that match your branding, so the logo will more naturally fit into the overall look of the site. In addition, it is possible to change or completely hide the footer, if you do not want to display any additional information there. 

Apptimized White label solution in application packaging & logistic market

Change email templates 

In order to send emails on behalf of your company, select the appropriate template and make a change directly to the message text or its appearance. 

This set of functions allows you to fully customize the standard Apptimized dashboard to your own branding; as a result, this will give our partners and their sales teams the best solutions in the application logistics field. 

For a demonstration of Apptimized White Labeling, or for more information, contact us here or call us on +49 0 331 9799180.

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