Application packaging from home

Clou-based application packaging remotely

New market conditions require remote productivity everywhere – secure, reliable, productive and collaborative. Businesses will need to move from emergency measures – ensuring their teams can ‘get by’ for one, two or four weeks – to robust remote business operations.

Apptimized’s software solutions support remote working by design as they are cloud-native. We are the world’s only turn-key application packaging and Evergreen solution that can be used via any browser from home.

Apptimized is delivering immediate value for our clients in today’s new market conditions, whether that is for “keeping the lights on” or in the middle of a transformation project. With the Apptimized cloud platform, you stay secure, reliable, collaborative and productive, just as if you were running your operations from the office.

Threats from outdated, unpatched software don’t go away only because of people being confined to their homes. To the contrary, keeping the end user PCs updated is essential even more, as work is conducted from potentially less secure environments.

Here’s how Apptimized supports IT Professionals in working from home, from any browser via default HTTPS connection (SSL 443), with no additional software or infrastructure, no VPN, no terminal services needed:

  • Packaging environment to create MSI, MSIX, App-V and VSL packages for automated software deployment, e.g. Microsoft SCCM or Intune – virtual machines and packaging tools are all included
  • Documentation environment to capture packaging requirements in an easy way, from anywhere
  • Test environment to validate and document software and package tests
  • Package Catalogue with the latest versions of the world’s most widespread applications packaged and ready to deploy immediately (no further packaging required)
  • Packaging Factory access for easy overflow packaging for bespoke packages for a fixed per-package price (SLAs guaranteed)
  • Collaborative workflow engine which brings all teams together, no matter where they are

Try Free 30-days trial of Apptimized Workspace – application packaging environment >>>

  • Isolated and secure.
  • Easily provisioned in seconds.
  • Temporary solution for office workers who need a clean corporate PC, accessed from a private computer

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