Expanding and introducing new professional development and operations services, as well as an on-site application management


Software packaging has long been a common part of business processes and the daily work of a company. Constantly growing production volumes, as well as expanding IT infrastructures, challenge all new companies and make them decide on the question – how to optimize routine tasks, reduce the time to complete them and reallocate resources to important processes and decisions that change the world around. All this has long become an ordinary part of the work of our company and now we open the doors for cooperation and assistance to all those who need these services.

On-site application management for businesses

Apptimized, as the industry’s leading provider of application management services and application logistics, has long recognized the need to create an environment that allows for automation and centralization of packaging tasks, and has successfully implemented a cloud-based solution that allows multiple products and solutions to be hosted in one place.

We also understood that there isn’t always time or resources to address new concerns and develop strategic innovations, based on our over 18 years of expertise in packaging applications and researching and engaging with market players. We’re here to assist you in any way we can. Allow temporary integration of external workers into your application administration to provide yourself and your team more freedom. Our experts will swiftly grasp your infrastructure and provide solutions to the most pressing business issues, helping you to break free from regular procedures.

Apptimized Professional experts will help to cope with the most difficult challenges and pressures in the needs of the business, obtaining the necessary project resources to solve additional tasks. Agree, it often happens that routine and manual cumulative tasks slow down the work of the project and teams. We fully assume the solution of these problems and costs.

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And what about development operations concerning IT infrastructures?

Apptimized has enriched our experience and ready to present it to our customers. We’ve regrouped our expert teams and are now ready to share highly trained DevOps engineers with you to help you resolve IT infrastructure issues and manage your software stack according to best practices.

Teamwork – by keeping constant contact between developers, QA experts, system administrators, and their supervisors, we can achieve our goals.

In addition, there will be a knowledge-sharing session with our professional architects who are eager to share their knowledge of open source solutions and make recommendations for the optimal architecture for your applications.

We offer training courses for your departments concerning the MSI, MSIX, App-V & Intunewin packaging, SCCM & Intune deployment and a fully detailed guide to work with our powerful cloud-based solution – Apptimized Workspace.

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Are you considering remote application administration, establishing IT infrastructure, or are you unsure which option is ideal for you? Take advantage of a meeting with expert so that we can recommend the best option for you.

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