Empower your application packaging experience with the upgraded Apptimized Workspace

Software packaging and deployment

We are proud to announce the General Release of upgraded Apptimized Workspace that is now available together with Workspace Launcher.

Application packaging is an unstoppable process that defines the future functioning of your software infrastructure. If you are a packaging expert, you know how much time it takes to deal with complex issues connected with app packaging, testing, and deployment. What is more, this repetitive work takes time and can become pretty boring after a while.

Considering all the challenges that face packaging specialists nowadays, we tried to create a unique alternative to the traditional packaging and testing tools that will help companies save on valuable resources and speed up all packaging processes.

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What is Apptimized application packaging tool?

Apptimized Workspace has been designed as a cloud-based environment for doing discovery (creating installation documentation), packaging, and testing in one place. It enables the automatization of all routine actions of the packaging specialist.

In 2020, meet the upgraded version of Apptimized Workspace that is now supplied with an unlimited amount of third-party packaging tools for quick and easy creation of deployable packages.

What is the purpose of application packaging environment upgrade?

One of the core objectives of Workspace upgrade is the need of packaging experts to have not only a packaging environment, but also a constantly available toolset that allows for reuse of must-have and preferable third-party tools without the need to install them from thousands of vendor’s resources.

Consequently, the presence of such a flexible environment together with a toolset for packaging and testing related actions make the app deployment processes easier and faster.

Workspace Launcher is a packaging toolbox of the most fundamental as well as specified tools for everyone who creates and delivers application packages daily. In fact, you can install more than 15 handy tools in just a few clicks.

Moreover, with the release of the Workspace Launcher, new shared storage implemented. Now you get the enhanced upload capabilities: all packages synchronize automatically so you are able to edit them not only via Apptmized Packaging Engine but using favorite third-party tools.

Apptimized Workspace Launcher key benefits:

  • All apps in one place. Use an intuitive and flexible Launcher toolbox that provides a large selection of the industry’s best-known 3rd party packaging tools from Microsoft and other vendors on top of all our Apptimized packaging tools for unrivaled efficiency and convenience
  • No extra requirements. Cloud-based packaging environment running in any browser from any OS
  • Personalize your packaging experience. Get the best out of both worlds. Use your known and loved tools, tailor your Workspace to your preferences and technical requirements and leverage investments into existing tools combined with the power of a cloud packaging environment
  • Flexibility. The only packaging solution that does not lock you to one ecosystem with endless customization options and more than 20 packaging tools provided out of the box
Apptimized Launcher takes Workspace to a new level by giving our customers instant access to dozens of well-known tools which have become industry standard. Same as before, all you need is a browser to start creating and editing packages in multiple formats by using our instruments and software from third-party vendors.
Volodymyr Smirnov

Find more benefits for your business in Workspace Fact Sheet.

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