Remote manage application packages in a few clicks with Apptimized SCCM connector

Apptimized has extended the functionalities to interact with Microsoft SCCM – a system management software for managing PCs, mobile devices, servers, and VMs running on various platforms. 

Nowadays, companies are transforming the management approach and moving away from traditional on-prem to a modern digital workplace. The recent global pandemic has highlighted the relevance of these processes. In this context, device management and application packaging are the framework for change and must go through a transformation.  

Regardless of the strengthening trends in moving companies infrastructures to a more cloud-based strategy, Microsoft SCCM remains a powerful tool for on-prem infrastructures management.

The Apptimized SCCM Connector is created to change the company’s daily routine. It provides the solution for instant integration with an SCCM environment. The Apptimized SCCM Connector assumes the role of a bridge between Apptimized and the SCCM environment. The synergy of the Apptimized application logistics functionality with the Microsoft SCCM functionality makes it possible to enhance the application management solutions.

Integration Apptimized application management platform with SCCM Connector empowers you to:

  • Perform a wide range of functions without a need to leave Apptimized (from creating an application in SCCM Console to starting its deployment taking into account the complex dependencies, deployment types, detection methods, or requirements);
  • Import the software estate from an SCCM server to an Apptimized project portfolio with subsequent implementation of all Apptimized features in application logistics;
  • Create instructions on how and when to install the software by adding the deployment type to an application with automatic media transfer;
  • Start the deployment of an application to the company’s devices with the required installation configurations.

Explore Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager integration with application packaging platform key benefits: 

  • A complex solution for all software deployment needs regardless of the corporate estate size; 
  • Software deployment process with greater flexibility and control; 
  • Helps you to automate application management tasks; 
  • The possibility to choose the installation configurations; 
  • Requires a one-time configuration of SCCM Connector settings during the initial integration with Apptimized; 
  • Increase your security statement and reduce data losses. 
On our journey to realize the vision of a complete Application Lifecycle Management process from the cloud, the interface to Microsoft SCCM is an important component. The daily work of system integrators will change significantly – routine tasks will be eliminated and time will be freed up for strategic and more important work.
Michael Schickaneder
Apptimized COO

Integrating SCCM into Apptimized will enable you to deploy ready-made application packages directly from Apptimized to an SCCM environment and to upload applications from the SCCM server to Apptimized for testing purposes or further processing. This saves you time and will provide you instant deployment of SCCM packages without the need to leave Apptimized. 

For further information, please contact us here or call us on +44 (0)1184 050044. 

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