Software packaging in-house with an Apptimized Workspace

software packaging self-service

The customer

va-Q-tec AG, based in Würzburg, manufacturing passive thermal packaging solutions (containers & boxes) with products saving energy in areas of everyday use across multiple sectors. Va-Q-tec employs around 450 people worldwide and, in addition to Würzburg, has a second production site in Kölleda, with subsidiaries in Switzerland, Great Britain, Korea, USA, Japan, Uruguay, and Singapore.

The Goal: streamline software packaging process

The goal for va-Q-tec is to engage with a specialized service provider, who will produce their complex packages in readiness for deployment into va-Q-tec’s SCCM infrastructure. The majority of packages to be created in MSI format with a small number of exceptional cases available in EXE with the associated installation scripts.

The Solution

To initiate the project, a dedicated cloud-based project was created for va-Q-tec in the Apptimized web interface. An individually configured workflow created for va-Q-tec enables the team to manage and package applications for each software. If the package is created by va-Q-tec, the user can easily use Apptimized Workspace, an application packaging tool, that is seamlessly integrated into the customer’s workflow.

The cloud-based packaging tool offers various benefits:

  • No infrastructure costs
  • Immediate availability
  • Safe environment
  • Worldwide access around the clock

With Apptimized Workspace, a packaging self-service solution, a packager’s routine tasks can be simplified and partially automated. It does not matter which target format is required because Workspace supports MSI, MSIX, App-V and Intunewin, as well as parameterized manufacturer setups (EXE). Another advantage of Workspace is the easy configuration of customer-specific packaging guidelines within the web interface. Standard settings are configured once and are then automatically included in every package.

As an introduction and to deepen the knowledge within the packaging, two employees of va-Q-tec received customer-specific training. During their training, an Apptimized Engineer explained and demonstrated using practical examples of how Apptimized Workspace can create software packages.

Also, through the individually created workflow, Apptimized can offer flexibility to support the complex packaging requirements for va-Q-tec with Apptimized Factory. The Factory service is a modern and secure application packaging service, creating customer-specific software packages based on their packaging specifications. Before any package is delivered to the customer, it is tested using the four-eyes principle, ensuring quality.

Finished packages can then be quickly and easily integrated into the existing SCCM infrastructure. With the Apptimized SCCM interface, we can create the sources, collections, deployments and much more with just a few clicks. It does not matter whether the packages were created with Workspace or Factory.

As additional support and simplification of the operational packaging, va-Q-tec also obtains packages from the Apptimized Catalogue. With the Apptimized Catalogue, the customer has immediate access to the latest versions of the most widespread applications worldwide – pre-packaged according to Apptimized’s high-quality standards. Catalogue contains application packages in the most commonly used formats such as EXE, MSI, MSIX, Intunewin, and App-V.


As a specialized service provider in application logistics, Apptimized offers flexibility and competence to fully support va-Q-tec in the field of software packaging. Apptimized provides suitable solutions to all software packaging areas, so every customer can find the appropriate way to package applications from self-service options to reliable managed services.

Thomas Großer, Head of IT Services at va-Q-tec, emphasizes, in particular, the professional and fast implementation of specific and individual requirements at all times.

For more information contact us here or call us on +44 (0)118 405 0044.

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