Windows 10 migration: quick and easy MSI packaging for SCCM environment

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The Customer

Based in Dietlikon in the canton of Zurich, the customer Implenia AG is a construction services company with activities in civil engineering in Switzerland, Germany, and Austria. In 2019, the company achieved a consolidated turnover of around 4.4 billion Swiss francs with over 10,000 employees.

The Goal: MSI software packaging and SCCM deployment process for Windows 10 migration

Implenia AG was looking for a competent and specialized provider in software packaging to relieve the workload on employees and deal with peak loads in upcoming projects. The software packages must be created in MSI format and deployed into the SCCM environment. Windows 7 should be the focus of the target operating system for apps deployment. At a later point in time, a Windows 10 migration also became a goal. It had to be ensured that the future service provider could also provide active support in the course of the migration.

windows 10 app packaging

The Solution: order msi application packages via Apptimized Portal

An initial Proof of Concept (PoC) was proposed and carried out to work out Implenia’s requirements for future implementation. As part of the PoC, a list of requirements was drawn up during an on-site workshop. Now, Implenia orders packaging jobs quickly and easily for day-to-day business via a dedicated, cloud-based customer project in the Apptimized web interface. Implenia has been supplying parcels for daily business since the start of the collaboration in March 2017 to this day. Implenia’s requests for technical adjustments have also been implemented regularly since then and help customers cope with IT’s constant changes.

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