MSIX Packaging Overview: how to create MSIX and MSIX app attach with Apptimized packaging environment?

msix packaging

We are incredibly proud to announce that Apptimized is now a part of the Microsoft MSIX partner network as a third-party installer from March 2021.

As an industry leader in application logistics and evergreen technologies, Apptimized pays particular attention to world trends in software packaging. However, even now, packaging desktop applications is not a less important part of the application lifecycle. On the contrary, it is at least equally important as testing or deployment.

Packaging experts are asking more and more questions regarding modern packaging formats such as MSIX or MSIX app attach. For example, what tooling is useful to create MSIX packages? How to easily generate VHD files with app attach technology? What tools to use to edit and customize MSIX files?

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The most frequently asked questions regarding MSIX are the difference between MSI and MSIX and how to create MSIX app attach easily. All inside one eBook!

What is MSIX?

MSIX is a modern packaging format that aims to standardize all applications in your IT environment. MSIX is based on a container solution that isolates the application from the operating system. The following scheme describes the MSIX structure:

The required MSIX package components: 

  • AppxBlockMap.xml. The package block map file is an XML document containing a list of the app’s files and indexes and cryptographic hashes for each block of data stored in the package. 
  • AppxManifest.xml. The package manifest is an XML document that contains the info the system needs to deploy, display, and update an MSIX app. This info includes package identity, package dependencies, required capabilities, visual elements, and extensibility points. 
  • AppxSignature.p7x. The AppxSignature.p7x is generated when the package is signed. All MSIX packages are required to be signed before install. 

How to package MSIX application?

Creating MSIX packages is possible within the Apptimized packaging environment:

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Also, the environment allows you to package the most common packaging formats such as MSI, App-V, VSL, IntuneWin.

All the necessary packaging processes, including creating installation documentation, wrapping, and package testing, are also available in the Apptimized packaging solution.  
On top of that, you can push ready-to-deploy MSIX packages to SCCM (now called Endpoint Configuration Manager) and Intune (now Microsoft Endpoint Manager) via the integration option.

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