Software packages creation for operational packaging from Apptimized specialists

The Customer

Hönigsberg & Düvel Datentechnik GmbH, headquartered in Wolfsburg, is an IT and engineering service provider founded in 1996 and part of the international IT group HCL Technologies since 2018.   

H&D is partnered with various software manufacturers and technology companies but consult independently from the manufacturer. It mainly provides IT services in managed services (servers, clients, and applications), software development, IT infrastructure, and SAP development. Additionally, there are engineering services, IT and non-IT training courses, management services for the employees, and organizational support. The company operates in the automotive & manufacturing, banking & insurance, public administration, healthcare, energy, and telecommunications industries.  

Apptimized works with H&D IT Professional Services GmbH. H&D reproduces the service spectrum built up in the automotive environment to new target groups, industries, and regions.  

The Goal and Apptimized Implementation for software packaging

As part of the operational packaging, the installation of packages for two different platforms must be created and tested. As a highly regarded IT service provider, H&D also sets high-quality standards for complex operational packaging. In Apptimized, H&D has found a specialist who knows the customer environment very well from previous collaborations and offers modern application lifecycle management with well-thought-out and innovative tools. 

pptimized supplies software packages for Windows 10 client and terminal server environments (Citrix). Depending on the technical possibilities, applications are provided as MSI packages. Apptimized also provides an installation script with the packaged applications based on the App Deployment Toolkit. In addition, the tools available in the H&D web portal offer the opportunity to reduce the time required. 

Using the Apptimized SCCM Connector, H&D can transfer any finished software package directly to the customer’s SCCM environment with just a few clicks. On request, the SCCM Connector creates the collections, the deployment, and the deployment type with the required parameters. In addition, the package files from Apptimized Cloud can be transferred to the network drive required for SCCM in the customer environment. After integration via the SCCM Connector, the new software package can be used immediately for tests, piloting, or productive rollout. Another feature is the cloud-based test environment. It can be used for manual and automated tests of apps and packages. 

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