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We are grateful to everyone who joined our webinar “Software Patching, Updating and Deployment: how to automate processes as a continuous flow”. What a journey it has been!

Software patch management: application updates

Missing out on updates and patches that can impact your software is a direct route to security issues, isn’t it? Do you know how to track application updates automatically and not spending time on exploring vendor websites? How often do you feel uncertain about the integrity of your IT environment?

Software patches and updates are of great importance, since they can protect your IT-infrastructure from being vulnerable to bugs, malware, and major issues.

Also, it’s always essential to keep your applications current and be sure that your environment is secured. Additionally, you can’t forget about the regular changes to Window 10 that is updated every 6 months. So, there is no guarantee that you won’t overlook the necessary patches and deploy them on time.

This creates the problem of additional work for IT specialists and increases the risk of incompatibilities or missing important updates.

Nowadays, there are plenty of modern solutions that aim to automate and speed up updated and patches deployment. Fill the form below to get not only a theoretical overview of the various solutions but also a brief insight into how such solutions can look in practice.

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IT specialists and end-users want and need to be equipped with always up-to-date software programs for their daily work. Thanks to Michael Schickaneder, Apptimized COO and Sian Holt, Account Manager from Apptimized, we’re pleased to show a complex solution that guides how to deal with the growing number of applications and keep software constantly updated.

Automated software updates and related processes

During the webinar you’ll get to know how to:

  • Automate the app update monitoring process

Get a well-functioning IT infrastructure with the working applications and automated update monitoring process of third-party software.

You’ll be able to see how to get the instant update notifications when vendors of your applications have released updates or patches, how to maintain and track application updates, etc.

  • Test applications

Do you always believe that the installed application will work smoothly in your software? No doubt installing the new versions on your company’s devises is an important task. Testing is the best way to rule out incompatibilities and ensure that installation works for all users.

See, how to perform the mass app testing without time-consuming procedures.

  • Increase efficiency in application packaging

What step defines the streamlined software functioning? No need to struggle through the numerous configuration options, just get the preconfigured and licensed software that can be easily delivered to your environment.

Application packaging optimization approaches and how to make the installation routine easier.

  • Get an app ready for deployment

Work with the distribution systems like SCCM or Intune and see how to manage the application deployment process.

All the steps needed for integration of an app and the preparation for the installation.

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